10 TOP FEATURES of Your New Gym Floor Covering- Court Armor Tiles and Roll Systems

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Whether you are looking for gym floor covering for your school’s sports programs or require gym floor tiles for your gym based business, having the right product is critical to ensuring the safety of those who use it.

At Enhance Mats, we take the safety and protection of our customers seriously as well as the safety and protection of your facilities. Our goal is to provide the best materials in the industry, designed and produced to protect your gym floor from damage and wear during any of your special events.

Your gym floor  is a substantial investment and it requires constant maintenance to keep it in great conditon. Along with a specific maintenance schedule, investing in floor protection provides safety, will extend the lifespan of the gym floor, will keep it looking new for years and ultimately save you money, $$$$.

Refinishing and replacing a gym floor is a huge expense. If you can maintain the gym  floor finish, you can save both the expense and downtime.


Here’s our recommendation for the TOP 10 FEATURES you should be looking for before you invest in your gym floor protection.

Carefully researching the available products as well as requesting samples for comparison is time well spent.


1. Gym Floor Covers: ADA Compliance

All marital arts academies, kickboxing schools, and gyms are required to adhere to the American’s with Disability Act (ADA).

This law states that all public accommodations, including gyms and wrestling centers, must provide both ramp systems and matting at various heights.

This protects both disabled individuals and the facility owner from violating state or federal access laws.

Disabled individuals are getting involved in sporting activities and ADA compliance is imperative in all public spaces.

Make sure your gym floor cover complies with these laws to avoid penalization.

2. Durability of Gym Floor Covering

Durability is a must-have for gym floor tiles and gym floor cover rolls. The amount of pressure placed on your gym floor covering can quickly wear it down.

To avoid premature breakdown, make sure you purchase products that are durable enough to withstand years of demand.

Fortunately, our gym floor mats and covers have rugged durability, and can withstand years’ worth of daily use.

3. Non-Skid Moisture Proof Backing

Running, jumping, and constant movement all takes place on your gym floor covering.

Two key components of quality gym covers are their ability to be non-skid and moisture proof.

Sweat and other liquids can make their way onto the surface and potentially through it.

When that happens, it could cause a dangerous environment.

To avoid this situation, you have to choose a slip-proof and moisture proof cover with moisture-proof backing.


4. Stain-Proof/ Mildew-Resistant

You might not think it, but it is important for your  gym floor protection to be stain proof.

It is not uncommon for food and especially drink, to get dropped on your cover.

When that happens, it creates the perfect environment for mildew to form.

A mildew  and stain resistant cover prevents discoloration as well as mildew from growing.

Contaminated and stained gym floor covering will lead to premature replacement.

Make sure your gym floor cover is resistant to stains or you could end up spending much more than necessary.

5. Reduced Trip Hazard

The safety of your students or customers is critical. Luckily, our gym floor protection reduces the likelihood of tripping and falling as they resist curling and wrinkling.

Non-skid backing allows our gym floor covers and basketball courtside runners to grip the surface of the gym floor and stay there—thus reducing tripping hazards.

To keep your students or customers safe, choose a runner or cover that comes with a reduced tripping hazard.


6. Fast and Easy Installation/Take up & Storage

Easy installation and take up is a key component to consider if you plan on using your courtside runners, gym cover rolls and gym floor tiles for floor protection

Special events may require you to protect the gym floor from damage. The easier the gym floor cover system is to install, the faster they can be put down for athletes, and the happier the custodial staff will be!

Time is money, and the less time needed for deployment and take up, the more cost effective your gym floor cover is.

To save yourself time and stress, consider flooring that is easy to use all the way around.

Another critical decision is storage. Often gymnasiums are built with limited storage areas.

A gym floor cover needs to be stored on a compact racking system or tiles on a storage cart, that can be easily transported and stored out of the way.

Covering your gym floor cover allows the system to stay clean and with an added logo, you can add branding to your facility.


7. Wrinkle Free and Slip Resistant

Protecting your students and athletes from injury is a job you don’t take lightly.

Making sure your gym floor cover is completely slip resistant and wrinkle free to protect them.

Never worry about your gym floor tiles or gym floor cover rolls buckling  by selecting a gym floor covering that is proven to stay put.


8. Easily Cleaned

Gym floor covers are notoriously full of icky bacteria and fungi.

To avoid spreading germs and infections, choose gym floor covering that is easy to clean and has the grip to stay in place when swept or vacuumed.

A 100% recycle polyester topcloth will resist mold, mildew, fungus and destructive odors.

9. Customized Sizes

Make sure your cover fits your space by selecting a cover with customized sizes. One-size doesn’t fit all.

Each space is uniquely sized, but you can purchase customized mats to prevent damage to your gym floor.

At Enhance Mats, we also offer compact storage systems, so you can also store your gym floor covers to free up space when needed.

10. Customized Logos Available

Whether for branding or to support your team, you can now add customized logos to your gym floor cover.

High quality unlimited colored graphics  is a branding necessity.

The final product should embody your brand or sports team without sacrificing on durability, safety, or functionality.

If you go the route of customized graphics, make sure you receive a product that meets all your demands.


 Add Your School Logo!

Summary: 10 top features to look for when considering the best gym floor cover for your needs

Whether you’re looking for gym floor cover protection in rolls, carpet tiles, basketball courtside runners or even our temporary indoor baseball tunnel floor protection, our products include ALL of these Features. Get the most out of your investment and choose the protection that best suits your needs, by visiting Enhance Mats @ www.EnhanceMats.com Our team is available to consult on any of your projects, and will work with you to solve your floor protection needs.

Call us directly and we can walk you through the process @ 877-318-8625


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