Track Armor/ Running Track Covering, Track Protectors & Sideline Covers

TRACK ARMOR: Running Track Covers, Crossover and Football Sideline Covers

Track Armor Running Track Covering-Preserve Your Track, Enhance Your Events

At Enhance Mats, we understand that your track is a significant investment. Designed primarily for runners, it’s vulnerable to damage from cleats, wheels, and other non-running footwear. That’s where our Track Armor running track covering, Crossover Protectors, Football Sideline Covers and Track Mats come into play. They safeguard your track, saving money and ensuring athlete safety.




Protect Your Track with Facility Armor’s Track Armor: The ultimate running track covering, track mats and crossover protectors.

Durable and Versatile: Our Track Armor is not just durable; it’s versatile. Available in 6′ and 12′ widths, these heavyweight, durable track mats lie flat on the track surface and stays put, unlike other materials. It’s perfect for transforming your track for various events beyond running, from Game Day to special ceremonies.

Dual-Width Options for Complete Coverage: Opt for either 6′ wide rolls for targeted areas or 12′ wide for broader coverage. For optimal protection, use two 6′ wide rolls side by side. These track covers and track mats are engineered to handle foot traffic, cleats, wheels, and more, keeping your track surface in pristine condition.

Safety and Performance: Our track protectors aren’t just tough; they’re safe. The bright red safety edging, available in two colors, is both glued and sewn on for enhanced safety and performance. This feature makes our track covers ideal for high-traffic events, ensuring a secure and visible boundary.

Easy Storage and Deployment: When not in use, our Track Armor is easy to roll up and store, standing upright to save space. When it’s time for an event, simply roll it out. Its weight ensures it stays flat and smooth, ready for action.

Special Events Ready: Transform your track and field for non-sporting events like commencements or summer camps with ease. Enhance Mats’ covers are the go-to solution for high durability and easy management. The cover’s weight keeps it securely in place, and the bright red safety edging adds a layer of safety and visibility.

Eco-Friendly and Safe: Made with recycled antimicrobial topcloth, our track covers not only protect your investment but also contribute to a healthier environment.

Invest in Protection: With Enhance Mats’ Track Armor, Crossover Protectors and Football Sideline Covers, you can’t afford not to protect your track. They are an essential addition to any athletic facility, ensuring your track remains in top condition for every race, every game, and every event.

Key Features:

  • Weatherproof extruded ribbed vinyl backing is tough yet pliable and easy to roll up and store
  • 100% recycled top cloth is durable, virtually stainproof, and very easy to maintain
  • Heavy enough to stay put, yet light enough to move when needed.
Available Bright Red safety edging is glued and sewn on for extended safety and performance.

Standard Widths: 6′ and 12′ widths

Custom Lengths: available up to 100′

Color: Charcoal


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