Gym Floor Cover Accessories | Mobile Storage Racks | Vinyl Seam Tape

Gym Floor Cover Accessories | Mobile Storage Racks | Vinyl Seam Tape

Check out Facility Armor’s Court Armor gym floor cover accessories that make your job faster and easier.  

Our Court Armor mobile storage gym floor roll racks and gym tile storage carts, make install, take up and storage simple and convenient.

Working with facility managers and athletic directors across the county, we understand the issues of deploying, taking up and storing your gym floor cover protection.

Storage racks for the carpet roll and vinyl have been consistently improved, requiring less physical labor and making them safer to operate and transport.  Improvements to gym tile carts have added benefits as well.

Our Facility Armor Courtside Runners are rolled up after use and require proper storage to maintain their shape. A custom storage cart was developed to hold 2 carpet runners each. With the addition of our new Track Armor and Tunnel Armor, we anticipate custom storage carts for them in the near future.


Court Armor Vinyl Seam Tape conveniently secures lengths of vinyl gym floor covers together, while the Velcro seam tape is used for the carpet roll gym floor covers. The Velcro has a reusability of up to 50 times, making it cost effective.

Convenient install and take-up tools make the workload of handling the gym floor covers easier, with tools like the power winder, seam tape dispenser and winding tools.


Court Armor gym floor tiles do not require taping. They are modular gym tiles that lay side by side to create the coverage in whatever size or configuration needed.

Enhance provides the latest in storage racks and carts to make deployment, take-up, storage and transport the most convenient yet.

We take into consideration labor and time, working hard to provide the most maintenance and effective gym floor cover accessories to make facility management easier.

Our sales team will walk you through the accessories and storage that work best for your gym floor cover selection. 

Facility Armor Court Armor gym floor covering protection is superior protection against damage caused by spills, street shoe traffic, chairs, staging and equipment. Easily transform your gym for special events, commencements, banquets, trade shows, church services and graduations. Available in Roll, Tile, Vinyl, Enhance Pro 52 Custom Gym Floor Tiles and new Courtside runners.