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Check out the NEW Effective Gym Floor Coverings and Athletic Field Covers



The simple answer is Yes!

Schools, churches, and athletic facilities make huge investments in quality gym floors that should last for many years and a quality gym floor cover will protect that investment.

Gymnasiums are being used for multiple functions daily, including sports, athletics, graduation ceremonies, concerts, dances, summer camps, trade shows and other events. Our gym floor covers are specifically made to protect your investment with the highest quality, durable floor covers that are attractive and improve the acoustics of your gym.

Whether you have just installed a new gym floor, refinished your old gymnasium floor or are just now thinking about protecting your existing gym floor from player’s chairs during basketball games, floor protection is not only a wise, but critical investment.

The cost of  a good gym floor covering is a fraction of the cost to refinish or even completely replace your gym floor. New gym floors can cost upwards of $100,000.


Why use a quality gym floor covering?

  • Preserve your investment
  • Save money with fewer gym floor refinishes or replacement
  • Save time: Less refinishes means less downtime
  • Your gym can be used for multiple non-athletic functions- special events
  • Enhance the appearance of your athletic venue
  • Your gym could become a revenue producing facility

    Benefits of a Quality gym floor cover:

    • Antimicrobial Protected: Double your defense and feel safe that your gym floor covering will remain mold, mildew, germ, virus and odor free for the life of your product
    • Easy to handle and easy to deploy, saves Time, Labor Costs and Storage Space
    • Rugged durability and slip resistance with the appearance and acoustics of carpet
    • Outstanding protection with a non-skid moisture backing that won’t stain your floor
    • Moisture wicking surface is easy to clean and virtually Stain Proof
    • Easily turns your gymnasium into a multi-purpose facility
    • Made in America

Planning an outdoor graduation, concert, event? Our 6′ and 8′ roll covers are economic and durable protection for your athletic field covers to protect your football fields during special events.

Choose from our 6 types of Court Armor Gym Floor Protection:

Court Armor Tiles

Court Armor Tiles is the original tile made from 100% recycled water bottles!  Our tiles have a Class 1- ASTM E 648-10 Fire Rating, are the lightest yet most durable tile on the market, have the attractive look and feel of carpet with Anti-Microbial protection, are acoustically friendly  and have a  moisture proof backing! Set up your gym floor protection in record time with ease, using NO expensive seaming tape. Take up is easy with storage on compact, easy to transport platform trucks. Have the flexibility of deploying your tiles in various configurations, as your events require.

Court Armor Rolls: NEW 8′ Wide 

Our Newest 8′ wide gym floor covering makes deployment and take up easier and faster, with less taping time. We hear from facility managers across the country that reducing the time and labor needs when preparing their gymnasium floor for special events are critical considerations. By making our gym floor covering in wider, we have significantly reduced that time needed to deploy, the number of rows that need to be taped, and the time needed to take up. Add to that a custom storage rack that transports your gym floor cover easily, and you have improved gym floor protection.

Court Armor roll gym floor covering works well for Athletic Field Covers when you need to protect your football fields during special events.

Court Armor Rolls: 6′ Wide  

The original carpet topcloth roll gym floor cover is Eco-Friendly with a noise dampening carpet top cloth  made from 100 % recycled water bottles. Anti-microbial protected, the easy install gym floor cover has a non-skid, extruded, moisture barrier backing and is stain and tear resistant.  Court Armor Rolls are high quality budget friendly cover systems that store on our custom, compact storage racks which feature a Power Winder. Easy and fast deployment and take up saves time and labor costs!

Court Armor roll gym floor covering works well for Athletic Field Covers when you need to protect your football fields during special events.

Basketball Courtside Runners

Court Armor Courtside Runners were developed specifically for the need to protect Players from injury and Gym Floors from damage. Our revolutionary runners are made from 100% recycled polyester, non-woven top cloth fused together with a non-skid, extruded, moisture barrier backing. Side Armor basketball courtside runners absorbs sweat and  limit the dust which provides better safety and traction for your players’ shoes. Our courtside runners were developed to limit damage caused by spills, street shoe traffic, chairs, tables, carts, staging, and equipment.  Our cost effective  basketball courtside runners are great gym floor protection for commencements but are ideal floor protection for church entryways, tile halls, aisle ways, vending areas, plant facilities, and many more applications.

With uncompromising protection, Enhance Mats has the advantage of featuring your school logo in durable and brilliant Vinyl Pressed Graphics. Send us any logo, regardless of how complicated and we can reproduce it in exact PMS colors. Custom made storage carts allow for easy transport and storage.

Tiles: Custom Color 

 ROCK CONCERT TOUGH’: Our Heavy Duty gym floor tiles are the answer to your high traffic protection needs. Have a need for a custom color gym floor covering like SMU or Auburn. Enhance has the capability to make several colors of heavy duty tiles for answer your needs. Made from cleat, spike and blade resistant carpet, Enhance Pro Gym Floor Tiles  have a ten year warranty. The non-marking rubber backed gym flooring tiles resist stains, are easy to install and store, will lay flat for years, and provides excellent sound absorption.For all of your special events or for an easy install in your locker room. 40+ Colors & Custom Logos!

Court Armor Vinyl 

Enhance Mat’s Court Armor Vinyl gym floor cover is a two-sided reversible product (gray and tan), making it an economical gym floor protection option. The premium 21 oz coated vinyl is available in 10′ widths, with no center weld, which makes it durable and more aesthetically pleasing. Store it conveniently on our custom vinyl racking syste, designed and built for smooth deployment. are high quality, budget friendly gym floor cover systems that protect your Gym Floors. Quick & Easy installation. Quick ship. Storage: Court Armor Vinyl Storage Racks are available in 6-Roll, 8-Roll and 10-Roll Racks. Also available are  a storage rack brush attachment, Power Winder and seaming tape with dispenser.

Pressed Logos

Enhance Mats has the capability of reproducing any logo, including highly detailed logos and mathing any PMS color. Add a pressed logo to your Court Armor Roll, Tile or Courtside Runner gym floor cover. We take protecting your sports surface to a new level, providing an economical answer to your branding and protection needs.

Athletic Field Covers

Take your graduation ceremonies and other events outside with our multi-purpose Court Armor Roll. Easy to install and take up, you can use the rolls on the turf to protect your field from foot traffic and to create a covering that designates your event area.




Choose from:

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Gym floor covers - Court Armor Roll
Gym floor covers- Court Armor Tile
Side Armor: #1 Basketball Courtside Runners
Custom Color Enhance Pro Gym Floor Tiles





New TUNNEL ARMOR:  Indoor batting cage gym floor protection