Facility Armor gym floor covering &
sports surface

Your gym floor is a big investment —our Facility Armor gym floor coverings, gym carpet tiles, vinyl rolls, as well as our top selling logo Courtside runners are designed to provide the BEST in PROTECTION for your investment.



Exploring the key Features and Benefits of our Facility Armor gym floor coverings

  1. Faster Deployment and take-up: Our gym floor coverings make setup and teardown a breeze, allowing you to accommodate multiple events quickly and efficiently.
  2. Faster taping time: Thanks to the minimal taping required, you’ll save time and effort in the process.
  3. Improved acoustics: Designed to absorb sound and reduce echoes, creating a better experience for everyone involved.
  4. Great look: With a variety of colors and designs available, our gym floor covers allow you to customize your space.
  5. Moisture barrier: Our gym floor covers provide a moisture-resistant barrier that protects your gym floor from spills, scratches, and other damage.
  6. Anti-microbial protection: Our 100% recycled antimicrobial-infused polyester topcloth offers added protection.
  7. 100% Recycled topcloth: Our product is made from recycled water bottles, making it a sustainable choice.
  8. Easy storage and transport: Whether rolls or tiles our gym floor covers are lightweight and easy to store, transport, and handle.

Excellence in Gym Floor Protection and Innovation

Enhance Mat’s high-quality gym floor covers offer comprehensive protection against event-related wear and tear, guarding your gym floors against stains, scuffs, scratches and the rigors of heavy equipment, while extending the life of your gym floors and cutting down significantly on maintenance costs.

Enhance Mat’s prioritizes safety with ADA-compliant, slip-resistant, and fire-retardant features, as we enhance the identity of your space with noise-dampening and anti-microbial protected gym floor covers.

Trusted nationwide, Enhance Mats is the leading distributor of Facility Armor’s Court Armor gym floor covers. Our quality floor covering allows you to seamlessly transform your gym into a versatile event venue, boosting its utility and revenue potential.

High schools, colleges, churches and recreation centers across the country transform their gyms for trade shows, graduation ceremonies, concerts, dances, banquets, weddings and other special events.

Elevate your gym into an elite event space with our safety-focused, high protection and visually appealing floor coverings.

Check out our easy-to-use mobile storage racks and carts, as well as our accessories that help you to install, take-up and store your gym floor protection quickly and easily.

Trusted by Facility Managers Worldwide


Heavy Duty Gym Floor Tile with Logos— Dr. Jerome Finch– Claflin University

“Enhance Mat’s gym floor coverings have made managing events at our facility a breeze. The time and effort we save on setup and teardown is invaluable, allowing us to host multiple events on the same day while still maintaining the highest level of protection for our floors. The heavy duty tiles look and function so much better than our old vinyl system, and the school logos look great!”

Testimony:  Gym Floor Covering RollJohn Portland with Georgia State University: 

We purchased some gym floor covering and compared to what we had previously, we are very happy with the product. Prior to this new gym floor protection, we were utilizing 4′ x 6′ carpet squares. The issues that we had with those:

  1. Weight: Our previous floor cover was very heavy, especially when on the carpet cart. The weight of the individual carpet lead to additional set up time.
  2. Movement & Shifting:  When the rolling carts, stage, etc. ran over them they moved and didn’t perform well.
  3. Storage:  As the floor cover was stored on carts, and it took many carts to hold all of the carpet squares that we needed and too much space was required.

Providing a Sample: Enhance provided a good size sample to test. I had my staff do just about everything that they could imagine to the gym floor cover and it performed very well.

Here is what we like about the new gym floor covering:
  1. Weight:  Much lighter. (1 person can easily roll out the product)
  2. Coverage:  We just roll the cover from the racking system onto the floor and it cuts our set up time for covering the floor in half.
  3. Ease: Very easy on and off- deployment and take-up.
  4. Rolling the Storage Rack: No issue or movement when rolling items over the floor, no bunching, etc.
  5. Excellent Protection: After many events, we have not noticed any damage to the floor in areas that could cause significant damage including stage area, seating area, traffic area.
  6. Absorption:  This product also handle spills beter than any other covers that we looked at.
“Most important than anything, the guys that are using the new gym floor cover really like it. It is easy to use and functions better than the carpet squares or past floor covers.”

Testimony:  Court Armor Gym Floor Cover Rolls – Deanna Cayce – St. Mary’s Catholic School

“We have used the floor cover system a couple of times already and those who have done the floor have commented how easy the set up and take down has been. The pieces that were sent were perfect and the rack sysem is doing its job. We are definitely happy with the product and the customer service you provided was amazing!”

Testimony: Courtside Runners – Legacy Sports Park- Ryan Lantz

“We were in a last minute bind on our project, pretty much exhausted all options until I connected with Jordan at Enhance Mats. Jordan was able to figure out a timely, cost effective solution that met our tight deadline and worked on all levels for us. I would definitely recommend Enhance Mats for all of your future gym court runner needs.”

Testimony: Courtside Runners– Gordon Lee Middle School Athletics

Shout out to Enhance Mats for providing court runners with out logo! Makes our gym look great and helps protect the floor!

Testimony: Courtside Runners– Coleman Cougars, Coleman HS, Coleman, WI – Douglas Polomis

Our school district had the opportunity to work with James at Enhance Mats and were pleased with the quality of their work and their commitment to customer satisfaction. We ordered runners for our gymnasium and track. Both have upgraded our areas and brought a professional look to our facilities. James followed up with me several months after the order to ensure we were still pleased with his product. We are very pleased!