Court Armor Vinyl Gym Floor Coverings – Floor Covers

Vinyl gym floor covers 21 oz.

    $ .90 sq. ft.

April Special:   $ .80 sq. ft.


Court Armor Vinyl Gym Floor Covers, Roll Tarps

  1. A two-sided reversible tarp (gray and tan) and the most economical gym floor cover protection option.
  2. The premium 21 oz coated vinyl gym floor cover tarp is available in 10′ widths, with no center weld, which makes it durable and more aesthetically pleasing.
  3. Store it conveniently on our custom mobile vinyl storage rack, designed and built for smooth deployment.
  4. These are high quality, budget friendly gym floor cover systems that protect your gym floors.
  5. Quick & Easy installation.
  6. Quick ship.



Court Armor Roll mobile Vinyl Storage Racks are available in 6-Roll, 8-Roll and 10-Roll Racks.

Also available are a Power Winder and vinyl seaming tape with dispenser.

Our experienced team will guide you through your gym floor cover protection selection.

COURT ARMOR Vinyl Gym Floor Cover ROLLS are the new era of gym floor protection.

Court Armor Rolls are superior gym floor protection against damage caused by spills, street shoe traffic, chairs, staging and equipment.

Easily transform your gym for special events, commencements, banquets, trade shows, church services and graduations.                                                                


Substrate: Vinyl Coated Polyester

Color: Gray/Tan double-sided

Roll Width: 10 ft.

Roll Length: Customer Specified

Weight: 21 oz  per YD2

Warranty: 12 Years Limited

Fire Rating: Pass NFPA-701 Large and Small Scale

CourtArmor Vinyl Storage Rack is available in 6,8 or 10 Roll capacity.
Also available is the Court Armor Vinyl Storage Rack Brush Attachment and Rack Cover
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The simple answer is Yes!

Whether you have just installed a new gym floor, refinished your old gymnasium floor or are just now thinking about protecting your existing gym floor from player’s chairs during basketball games, floor protection is always a wise investment.

The cost of  a good gym floor covering is a fraction of the cost to refinish or even completely replace your gym floor.

New gym floors can cost upwards of $100,000.

A Vinyl Roll Gym Flooring Cover is the least expensive option to protect the finish of your gym floor.

  • Preserve your investment
  • Save money with fewer gym floor refinishes or replacement
  • Save time: Less refinishes means less downtime
  • Your gym can be used for multiple non-athletic functions- special events
  • Enhance the appearance of your athletic venue
  • Your gym could become a revenue producing facility

    BENEFITS of a Good Gym Floor Cover

    • Antimicrobial Protected: Double your defense and feel safe that your gym floor covering will remain mold, mildew, germ, virus and odor free for the life of your product
    • Easy to handle and easy to deploy, saves Time, Labor Costs and Storage Space
    • Rugged durability and slip resistance with the appearance and acoustics of carpet
    • Outstanding protection with a non-skid moisture backing that won’t stain your floor
    • Moisture wicking surface is easy to clean and virtually Stain Proof
    • Easily turns your gymnasium into a multi-purpose facility
    • Made in America