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Court Armor Rolls - Best gym floor covers and gym floor covering.

Great for athletic field protection during outdoor graduation ceremonies.

Enhance Mat’s Court Armor 6′ wide Gym Floor Cover Rolls are high quality, budget friendly cover systems that protect your Gym Floors.

Use outdoors as a cover for your football field and enjoy your graduation ceremony outdoors!

Quick & Easy installation with Compact Storage Racks & Power Winder! Quick ship.

COURT ARMOR ROLLS is the new era of gym floor protection.
  • Protect your gym floor with Court Armor Rolls by Facility Armor, a 100% recycled polyester nonwoven top cloth fused together with a non-skid, extruded, moisture barrier backing. Anti-Microbial Protected.
  • Use for an athletic football field cover to protect the turf during outdoor graduation ceremonies.
  • Our New Court Armor gym cover rolls are economical, quick and easy to install, take up, and best of all easy to store.
  • Stain and tear resistant,  the Court Armor Rolls have a carpet top cloth that provides noise dampening  with an attractive appearance for any special event.
  • The moisture wicking top cloth wicks any spills, preventing slip and fall accidents while the slip resistant backing safely keeps any spills from damaging your floors.
  • With the added Anti-Microbial protection you can feel safe knowing that your gym floor cover will remain mold, mildew, germ, virus and odor free for the life of your product.
  • Quick and easy storage on compact racks that require half the space of the larger vinyl storage racks, are easy to transport and hold 7000 sq. ft per rack.

Court Armor Rolls are superior gym floor protection against damage caused by spills, street shoe traffic, chairs, staging and equipment. Easily transform your gym for special events, commencements, banquets, trade shows, church services and graduations.

** Reusable Hook Seaming System. No Adhesive Tape!   

Better Looking! Faster Install!     

10X’s More Cost Effective Than Tape     

Our hook tape can be reused 50 times vs. one-time use tape!                                                                   

  • Extremely Light Weight, Durable, & Tear Resistant
  • Fast and Easy Installation and Take Up
  • Anti-Microbial Protected
  • Noise Dampening Carpet Top Cloth
  • Highly Slip,  Stain and Tear  Resistant
  • Safe, ADA compliant
  • Easy to Clean
  • Compact Storage Rack holds 7000 sq ft
  • Top Hook Seaming Tape Included

Color: Charcoal

Roll Width: 6 ft.

Roll Length: Customer Specified

Weight: 16.5 oz  per YD2

Warranty: 4 Years

Fire Rating: ASM E648-06 Class 1

Court Armor Rack Storage System: Fits through a standard door!

The Court Armor Rack system is constructed of high gauge steel and holds a total capacity of 7,000 square feet of matting. There are spindles, each holds 3,500 square feet of matting. Each spindle can hold multiple lengths of mats. Non-marking castors. Approx. weight 255 lbs.

Power winder available.
CALL US DIRECTLY @ 877.318.8625

Benefits of Gym Floor Covers


1) Events: Determine what events your gym is used for and what events you might possibly have if you have good gym floor protection. Some gym floor covers offer a light covering while heavy duty tiles provide ‘Rock Concert’ protection. Selection will depend on needed durability and budget.

2) Time Constraints: How quickly do you need to transition your gymnasium from one event to the next. Deployment can range from several hours to just ONE hour. Select a gymnasium protection that can be deployed within your required time limits.

3) Labor Force: How many people will you have available to deploy your gym floor cover protection. Some gym covers may need as many as 4 to 6 people to properly install while others need only 2 people. Remember time and labor are critical in keeping facility management costs controlled.

4) Budget: Compare price with durability and warranties. The cost of refinishing your gym floor can often justify investing in a higher quality  cover. Warranties range from 3 years to 10 years and lifespan can range up to 15 to 20 years depending on frequency of use and how well your gym floor cover is maintained.

Explore how investing in  quality gym floor cover  protection could increase gymnasium use for an increased variety of activities. Gyms can be rented out for functions, allowing for an increased budget that can be invested in  quality  floor covering that will wear well and protect for many years of use.

5) Storage: How much room is available for the gym floor cover storage when not in use. Racking systems for roll vinyl goods are as large as 14 feet long by 34″ wide and take up a tremendous amount of space, often in hallways. Maneuverability of the large racking systems may be difficult and require several assistants.

There are new products on the market that have racking systems that hold up to 7000 sq ft of roll covers and can maneuver through regular doorways and halls, allowing for ease of storage. These systems require much less storage space, which is often at a premium.  Tile system carts are 72″ x 36″ and are also easy to transport and store. The ability to transport and store your cover is a critical decision.

6) Fire Retardant Properties: Fire retardant properties: should be reviewed for safety purposes.

7) Slip Resistance: Gym floor  covers are used for a variety of functions, the selected gym floor cover should be ADA and OSHA compliant for slip resistance.’

8) Acoustic Properties: Gym floor cover protection  offer various levels of sound absorption. Review your gym use for needed acoustic properties. The newer gym floor covers continue to offer better and better acoustics, allowing for better usability of the space for many events and functions.

9) Stain Resistant Properties:  Covers vary from vinyl which does not absorb spills to fiber faced covers that wick moisture and are easily cleaned, making them safer and issue free.

10) Sustainability: Choose from Vinyl to Fully Recycled and Eco Friendly gym floor cover protection. New gym floor covers have their face weight made from 100% recycled polyester (plastic water bottles).

11) Seaming Tape: Seaming tape for rolled goods is used to secure sections of the gym  cover in place. Some tape may leave a residue that can attract unwanted dirt and debris and is a onetime use, or the new use of Velcro tape allows for use up to 50 times before it needs to be replaced.

12) LogosCOURT ARMOR Roll,  COURT ARMOR Tile AND COURTSIDE basketball gym runners  can be customized to Enhance Your School Spirit with custom colors and logos. New ‘enhanced graphics’ can provide unlimited logo colors. ANY LOGO. ANY PMS COLOR.

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