Choosing the Best Basketball Court Runners 2023

custom basketball courtside runner protects gym floor from team chairs

How can I protect the gym floor sidelines during Basketball and Volleyball games?

It’s critical to protect your gym floors along the sidelines, under players chairs, scoring tables and foot traffic. The constant wear and tear on your gym floor finish will result in the need for a gym floor refinish or even having to replace your whole gym floor.

sidearmor-courtside-runner-protect your gym-floor-from-damage

What different types of basketball court runners are available?

If you are needing protection only under the chairs and scoring tables during your basketball games, court runners are the ideal choice.

You can choose from various materials such as vinyl and carpet surface, and have them cut to any length.

Widths usually vary from 3′ wide to 4′ wide to accomodate the chairs, tables and players feet.


How do I decide on the right length for my gym runner?

Basketball gym floor runner companies will know how long your gym runners need to be under the players chairs if you provide them with the number of chairs per side.

Quoting and ordering will be streamlined  if you provide the number.  

How does vinyl runners compare to carpet court runners?

The best product for a court runner will have a carpet surface but also have a waterproof backing to keep moisture from seeping onto the floor. 

Vinyl floor runners will probably be the most cost effective initially, but over the long run you want a runner that maintains its shape and doesn’t become a trip and fall hazard on the edges.

Some court runners now have antimicrobial protection which will keep mold and mildew from forming, especially when the floor runners are in storage. 

What are the pros and cons of a Berber court runner?

Check the durability and backing of the court runner as well as the weight.

The heavy Berber courtside runners look good but are extremely heavy to roll up and store.

Berber logo mats are best when used for entrances and accent mats.

Installation and take up are important considerations. The weight will have a bearing on how many people it takes to roll out and roll up your floor runners.


 How do I safely store my basketball courtside runners?

Also, storage is key to protect the edges and surface of your courtside runners.

The heavier the edging, the more stable your runners will be when they are stored.

Some companies recommend storing the gym runners on their edge.

Carpet has a memory, and if the runners are laid down, they will end up with a flat side, and will never roll out flat.

Also, it is easy to throw other items on top of the runners stored in the storage room. This would buckle the gym runners and make them unusable for the next game.


How do I store my logo courtside runner to protect the logos?

If your courtside runner has a logo or two, you will need to consider storage.

The vinyl runners will roll up easily, the Berber runners cannot be rolled tightly as the inlaid logos will pop out and the carpet surface basketball court runners with the vinyl pressed logos are rolled with the carpet face out to protect the logo.  

How do I transport my basketball runner?

Check to see if the manufacturer has a cart that can store your court runner or possibly several runners.  This is the best way to transport and store your basketball runners to keep them looking good from game to game.

Can I add a logo to my courtside runner? 

Court runners are highly visible during your games and are a great place for you team logo or even sponsorships. Check to see if the company has logos and if they come in PMS matched colors.

If the company has PMS matched colors, ask for a small sample of the final product be sent so you can confirm color.   A simple color approval can be sure you have a logo product you are proud of.  


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