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Enhance is the leader in Branded Floor Covers, Custom Mats with Logos and Sports Surface Protection.

Sports Logos on Custom Mats

Athletic Sports Logos can be truly iconic, and help to define a Team’s or Athlete’s Legacy

Ultimate Branding and Sports Surface Protection

Enhance Mats Inc. product lines are innovative, functional, and bold in their ability to brand while helping your floors to last. This ensures both the safety and comfort at athletic facilities, campuses, students, staff, as well as patrons, customers, visitors, guests, and all market sectors. ‘Anywhere feet tread will need our products’. 

Our 2008 beginnings started with educational clientele. This has grown beyond 2500 colleges and facilities. Our product lines now support all market sectors (examples) student housing, medical facilities, military facilities, hotels, government buildings, churches, airports, corporate businesses, high rises, etc… this list is endless. Simply put we are ‘protection everywhere feet tread’.

We truly understand that surface protection and enhanced creative branding can keep costs down – indoors and outdoors. Our USA manufactured products are the solution when you need the very best.  

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About Us

In 2008, our Women-owned business began with an idea to create the highest quality of visually impactful mats for athletic and commercial facilities.

With a career in interior design and experience with commercial and sporting facilities, we saw a need for both commercial branding and sports logos.

Enhance expanded our color selections for our mats and began offering intricate logo capabilities, in a heavy-duty carpet that would stand up to the wear and tear of both athletes and heavy foot traffic.

From our roots in Georgia, our company has since expanded nationally and internationally.

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