Why Athletic Sports Logos Matter…..The Thrill of ‘Miracle on Ice’

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Who can forget the Thrill of ‘Miracle on Ice‘, Feb. 22, 1980! That’s Why  Athletic Sports Logos Matter!

The name on the front of your jersey is a hell of a lot more important than the name on the back”Miracle


We all know the feeling- that sudden rush of excitement when we see our favorite team’s sports logo.

We watch our teams make game-winning slap shots, shoot top shelf, deke and pass to the open man, and out-think the goalie.

We love to see our logos on top of the world. But why do we care so much about these little pieces of graphic design?

In a world where our teams are constantly changing and evolving, logos provide us with a sense of stability and connection.

They help us to remember our favorite moments and players from years past, and they give us something to rally around in the present day.

Athletic sports logos matter because they give us a sense of community and belonging- something that is essential to the human experience.

The United States Olympic hockey team’s story is one of the most iconic in sports history.

The athletic logos of the United States Olympic hockey team is one of the most iconic in all of sports history.

The ‘Miracle on Ice’ was an ice hockey game during the 1980 Winter Olympics, between the United States and the Soviet Union February 22, 1980.

The victory of the U.S. team over the Soviet team is on one of the most iconic moments in U.S. sports history and the history of the Olympic Games.

A classic underdog story, this group of talented players overcame immense odds to not only make it to but also win gold at the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid. U.S. hockey team beats the Soviets in the “Miracle on Ice”.

It was a defining moment for U.S. athletes and is still remembered today with admiration and passion.

From their historic victory against the seemingly unbeatable Soviet Union to their inspiring gold medal battle against Finland, these Olympic athletes changed the game forever, both literally and figuratively.

To many people around the world, it’s proof that even when you’re up against insurmountable adversity, anything can happen if you believe in yourself and your teammates.

athletic-sports-logos-ice-hockey-mats-miracle-on-ice-jim-craig-athletic-logosJim Craig is best known as the backbone of the 1980 Olympic Gold Medal Hockey Team, whose ‘Miracle’ win was voted by Sports Illustrated as the greatest moment in sports history of the 20th century.

The team’s sports logo was an important part of their identity – it was simple, yet patriotic and represented what the team was all about.

Ever since hockey sports mats first hit the scene, the team’s logo has been a part of their identity.

It encapsulated everything they stood for — strength, patriotism, and excellence — in one powerful image.

Even though it was straightforward and rather simple compared to some of the other logos at the time, it made an incredibly strong impact on fans as soon as they laid eyes on it.

Whether in print or at live events, this logo proudly represented the hockey team for all who saw it.


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The logo helped the team to bond and unite under a common goal, which ultimately led to their success on the ice.

Custom athletic sports logos are important in helping this team become the champions they were destined to be. Available in entrance mats, logo locker room mats, travelling mats for away games and ice skate mats, hockey mats can be a great focus area for highly visible custom athletic hockey mats.

The custom sports logo created a sense of unity and solidarity among the players, and together they worked towards a collective goal.

Through bonding and working together as a unit, their synergy blew away all competition on the ice.

Ultimately, it was the athletic sports logos and the pride it stood for that helped unify the team and brought out everybody’s maximum potential.

In today’s world, athletic logos are still just as important for athletic teams. They help to create a sense of unity and pride among players and fans alike.

Sports logos have been around since the dawn of sports, and athletic teams have used them to proudly display their colors, symbols, and mottos.

In today’s world, sports logos are much more than just decoration; they help to bring fans closer together by creating a sense of comradery and loyalty among players, friends, and family.

Athletic sports logos also increase team morale during tough games and provide an additional layer of excitement when cheering from the stands.

They can create a shared identity between players on a team and even draw in more fans by raising awareness about the athletic program.

Sports logos are still immensely important for athletic teams no matter what era we’re living in – they’ll always be part of the spirit of sport that we’re all trying to preserve!

When done right, athletic sports logos can be truly iconic and help to define a team or athlete’s legacy.

Logos can be so much more than an athletic logo on a jersey or a locker room mat, as they can help an athlete or team define their legacy.

Michael Jordan had the Jumpman logo, and it’s instantly recognizable—anyone in the world knows what it stands for.

Look at any professional sports team and its logo, and you immediately recognize its team name and culture.

Sports logos can reflect power, success, loyalty, creativity—everything that defines a team or athlete’s image.

Done right, logos remain iconic for decades, actually creating part of someone’s cultural memory—their legacy!

‘Miracle on Ice’: The United States Olympic hockey team’s story is one of the most iconic in sports history. The team’s logo was an important part of their identity – it was simple, yet patriotic and represented what the team was all about.

The sports logo helped the team to bond and unite under a common goal, which ultimately led to their success on the ice.

In today’s world, logos are still just as important for athletic teams. They help to create a sense of unity and pride among players and fans alike.

Look to a company that is known for creating athletic logos onto custom hockey mats and carpet so that the logo is front and center for the team.

If you’re looking for custom hockey logo mats for your business or organization, look no further than Enhance Mats!

As the leading provider of custom hockey logo mats in the US and Canada, we’re dedicated to helping our clients create unforgettable experiences that represent their brand in the best way possible.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create a custom logo mat or custom logo locker room mat.


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7 Key Tips: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Quality Hockey Sports Mats:

Whether you’re a professional or recreational hockey enthusiast, it’s essential to consider the right matting when selecting your hockey sports mats.

From providing high durability that can stand up to skates and cleats, and team spirit to enhance performance, there are 7 key qualities to keep in mind when choosing the best mats for your needs.


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1.Importance of Athletic Logos in Team Identity

While the prominent display of a colleges team’s athletic logos can undoubtedly increase sales of t-shirts and memorabilia driven by the aspirations, emotions, and feelings of nostalgia within its fan base.

At Enhance Mats we believe there is much more going on.

Yes, it’s true that those things are important, but they are tied directly to the product that is put on the court, field, ice, mat, etc. every season.

Logos give teams unique identities, without those unique identities, it is easy for schools to get lost in the noise and become another face in the crowd.



2. Importance of Athletic Logos in Recruiting

When talking to elite coaches, a common thread is often the importance of recruiting, it is often referred to as the blood that keeps an organization alive and thriving.

As humans, we are naturally attracted to those who think, feel, and share our same values.

If we can identify with a group, person, or movement we are more likely to feel drawn to them.

College recruiting is no different.

The more consistent the branding the higher perception of value is conveyed to fans, alumnus, coaches, and most importantly players.

When high school players look for their next step in development, they are more likely going to choose the program with the most perceived value and prominent logos displayed proudly.

This builds trust and loyalty with the new recruits.

Nothing is more important to new recruits than the idea that they are a part of something bigger than themselves.


3. Research the Leading Manufacturers.

Before making your purchase, research and review the leading brands and manufacturers on the market.

Research product designs, features, materials used, certifications and warranties to ensure that you are truly investing in the best quality mat possible.

Additionally, read customer reviews of each brand to get an unbiased opinion on their performance and reliability.

4. Invest in Quality Materials for Durability.

Quality materials are essential for sports mat durability and protection.

Low-quality materials will tear apart easily, so invest in the highest quality rubber mats you can find that are designed to last even in high-traffic areas.

High-grade resilient rubber provides superior shock absorbency and is slip resistant to minimize dangerous falls during games or practice.

Additionally, look for sports floor mats with reinforced edges and beveled edges for improved safety as well as fabrics or coverings that allow air ventilation.


5. Comparing Prices to Stick with Your Budget.

As you shop around for quality hockey sports mats, take a look at the comparisons of price.

You want to ensure that the mat you pick is not only high-quality but also falls within your desired budget.

Compare prices between different retailers and manufacturers and look for deals or discounts that can help make your purchase more affordable.

Don’t forget about shipping costs as well when deciding if it’s worth it to buy particular hockey sport mats or not.


6. Look for Skate Resistant Custom Logo Mats.

When selecting hockey sports mats, it’s important to search for features and properties that are suitable for skates.

Very few athletic logos mats stand up to the wear and tear of skates.

Enhance Mats 52 oz. Berber mats do just that. We know a little something about hockey and how tough skates can be on rubber flooring and custom logo mats.

Available in travelling mats for the away game locker rooms, home team logo locker room mats and carpets, entrance mats, ice rink mats and ice-skating mats, custom logo mats stand up to the wear and tear of skate blades.

With a pro hockey player in the family and sons that still continue to play today, we are very familiar with the need for a skate resistant logo mat.

Enhance Mats offers skate resistant hockey logo mats, and proudly is in hockey locker rooms across the US and Canada.



7. Confirm with Recommended Health and Safety Guidelines.

Before settling on any matting, make sure that they comply with health and safety recommendations.

Look for mats that have been designed in with ADA compliance with heavy duty reduce edging that minimizes the trip hazard.

If your mats fall short of the criteria listed, they could increase an athlete’s risk of injury or even cause the game itself to suffer due to poor performance.


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