Track Covers: Heavy-Duty Track Armor vs Geotextile


Let’s compare geotextile track crossover path track covers with heavy-duty Track Armor:

When you have your running track installed it is critically important that you have a quality crossover path track cover ready to protect your track from heavy foot traffic damage.

Researching the available track protectors that are available on the market takes a bit of time, as well as requesting samples, but it is a project that is well worth the effort.

For years, Geotextile track covering has been the popular choice due to pricing, ready availability and limited choices.

Fast forward to today, new products are being introduced that are far superior to the older geotextile track protectors for many reasons.

After comparing and surveying top schools about the benefits of choosing the best track cover to protect their investment of a quality running track, the overwhelming consensus is the NEW Track Armor track cover is far superior for many important reasons.


Check out the Pros and Cons of Geotextile Track Covers vs Facility Armor Track Armor below:

Geotextile Track Covers:

    • Material: Permeable fabric made from polyester or polypropylene.
    • Function: Allows water to pass through while protecting the running track surface from debris and foot traffic.
    • Weighted Edging: Features chain edging to keep them in place.
    • Pros: Lightweight, permeable, and effective against debris.
      • Pricing: Significant but not too pricey.
    • Cons: May not be as durable as heavy-duty options.

Track Armor: Heavy-Duty Track Covers:

    • Material: Designed for durability using robust materials.
    • Ease of Installation: Easy to install and remove.
    • Durability and Longevity: Withstands environmental stresses and lasts longer.
    • Facility Armor Track Armor: A formidable option with optional safety edging (black, yellow, or red).
    • Safety Edging Importance: Color-coded edging enhances visibility and serves as a cautionary signal. Does not have chain edging that is difficult and heavy to deploy and take-up when not in use.
    • Staying Power: Remains effective even in adverse weather conditions. The weight with the heavy-duty reducer edging helps to keep the running track cover in place.
    • Pricing: Slightly higher in price, but this is outweighed in the durability and increased lifespan of the product as well as its ability to protect the surface of the running track effectively.


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Introduction to Running Track Covers

When it comes to preserving the integrity of running tracks, selecting the right track cover protection is crucial.

Track surfaces are significant investments for any facility and protecting them from damage can extend their life significantly.

We are delving into the intricacies of track coverings, specifically comparing geotextile track crossover path covers with heavy-duty options, such as the Facility Armor Track Armor cover that comes with optional black, yellow, or red safety edging.

The Essence of Geotextile Track Crossover Covers

Geotextile covers are known for their permeable fabric which allows water to pass through while keeping the track surface safe from debris and foot traffic.

A standout feature of these covers is the chain edging which weights them down.

Let’s explore what makes geotextile materials suitable for track protection and how the weighted edging contributes to their overall effectiveness.

Geotextile track covers are comparatively lighter in weight which provides some protection for the running track, but due to their lightweight material chains are needed on the edges to hold them in place.

The chains themselves are heavy and cumbersome to move around, making the handling and storage of the track covering difficult.

Heavy-Duty Track Covers: A Detailed Examination

Contrasting with geotextile options, heavy-duty track covers are revered for their ease of installation and take-up.

They’re designed to withstand the elements and the test of time.

Why are heavy-duty Track Armor track covers the reliable option for track protection?

Facility Armor Track Armor track covers are a formidable option in the market.

Color-Coded Safety Edging: A Vital Consideration

Safety is paramount, and color-coded edging not only enhances the visibility of track covers but also serves as a cautionary signal to pedestrians.

Heavy duty reducer edging is available in black, yellow, and red safety edgings.


Installation Ease and Flexibility

The ease of installation is a significant factor in selecting track covers.

Track Armor covers are quick to deploy with the time and effort required to remove them is minimal.

Staying Power: What Keeps Track Covers in Place

A track cover’s ability to stay in place, especially in adverse weather conditions, is essential. This segment will examine the various methods used by geotextile and heavy-duty covers to secure themselves to the track, ensuring they remain effective at all times.

Cost-Effectiveness and Value

While the initial cost is a factor, the true value of a track cover lies in its cost-effectiveness over time. Here, we will discuss the long-term financial benefits of investing in a high-quality track cover and compare the value proposition of geotextile versus heavy-duty options.


Real-World Applications and Testimonials

Nothing speaks louder than real-world applications and the testimonials of those who have used these products. In this part, we’ll look at case studies and customer feedback to understand the practical impact of these track covers.


5 Stars

Nick Rasmussen: Head Custodian

Millard High School

‘As the head custodian at Millard High School, we have purchased a couple different products from Enhance Mats. Courtside runners with our school logo and also protective mats (track covers) to help protect our running track surface. I would recommend Enhance mats to anyone interested in a great mat product and excellent customer service.’


Check out Facility Armor Track Armor Covers:

Facility Armor Track Armor serves not just as a protective layer but also as a means to enhance the performance and longevity of running tracks.

Enhance Mats is the leading distributor of Facility Armor products and is known nationwide for the outstanding customer service and the best pricing for all of the sports surface protection products.

Reach out to Enhance Mats for a quote, or with any of your questions or project needs.

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