Find Out the 7 Best Areas to Place Custom Logo Floor Mats

entryway carpet runner at Georgia State University with custom logo for school

Custom logo mats are a great way to promote your brand, your school and improve customer, spectator and player experiences in key areas.

Providing a seamless path between services and providing essential safety measures are just some of the benefits that logo mats offer – but knowing where to place them is essential for maximum impact.

If you’re looking for a way to promote your brand, school or business, custom logo mats are a great option. But where should you place them?

In this blog post, we’ll share the 7 best areas to put your custom logo mats.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at 7 of the most important locations to consider using custom logo mats. By doing so, you’ll be sure to maximize their impact and get the most bang for your buck.



1. Place Logo Mats at Your Entryway: Both Inside and Outside of Your Building for Maximum Impact.

Your entryway is a great place to start with your custom logo mats. It’s the first point of contact for everyone entering your building, so you’ll want to make sure it sets the tone for their experience.

Custom logo mats at this location provide the perfect balance between a stylish and functional welcome! Plus, they give guests an opportunity to see your brand in action as soon as they enter the building.

Placing a mat with your logo at the entrance of your business has several advantages. Other than functioning as a stylish welcoming, it also serves as embellishment for your lobby or reception area.

This will encourage customers, employees, spectators, players and others to interact with your brand as soon as they walk in.

Not only that, but custom logo mats are designed to withstand high foot traffic, dirt and moisture meaning they can provide practical benefits like keeping floors clean and dry.

This creates a clean, safe environment for both customers and employees alike.

Making a great first impression is important for any business. The custom logo floor mats in front of your business will make all the difference for potential customers who are looking for a storefront that stands apart from the rest.

Plus, their placement should be eye-catching but convenient, so people won’t struggle to get past them on the way in or out.

Floor mats custom fitted with custom logos will add a unique and memorable touch that speaks volumes at all times!



2. The Reception Area – This is another key area where potential customers will see your custom logo mat. Make sure it’s placed in a high-traffic area so that everyone who comes into your business will see it.

The Reception Area is the first place that prospective customers and players and others will lay eyes on your custom logo floor mats. Therefore, these mats need to be placed prominently in a high-traffic area so that everyone who comes through the entrance can take notice.

Not only do custom logo mats help distinguish your facility from competitors, but they also provide multiple benefits such as improved durability, custom designs, and messages, comfort, and softness underfoot, slip resistance, and anti-fatigue properties.

Make sure your custom logo mat stands out in the reception area to make a lasting impression on everyone passing through!


3. Locker Room and Sports Facilities

Investing in custom floor mats with team logos for locker rooms and sports facilities is a great way to celebrate and represent teams and organizations.

Not only do custom floor mats provide the usual safety benefits such as slip resistance, but they can also inspire athletes by showing how much their team values their efforts.

Also, custom floor mats are easy to clean and maintain, making them very convenient additions to any facility.

If you have not already done so, investing in custom logo floor mats for your locker room or sporting facility is a great choice.



4. The Conference Room and Meeting Rooms – If you have a conference, meeting room or sports lounge for the players, make sure to place a custom logo mat inside so that players and visitors will see it when they come for meetings or events.

The conference room, meeting room, and sports lounge are key areas that are often frequented by many players and visitors.

To reinforce the branding of your facility, placing custom logo mats in these spaces is a great way to create a powerful impression and show them what your organization represents.

It is an ideal way to market your brand in the right areas that are sure to draw attention and make an impact on everyone who visits.


5. The Office -This is a great way to show off your company and school pride and remind yourself of your brand every time you walk into work.”

A sport custom logo floor mat is the perfect detail to add to any office! Not only do they display your company’s and team’s pride, but they also serve as a great reminder of your brand identity each time you enter the building.

They are an effective way of cleaning dirt and debris off of the bottoms of your shoes which helps keep any office space looking clean and polished.

Whether you choose a vibrant and bold design or something more subtle with a hint of color, a sport custom logo floor mat is a simple and easy reality that will enhance the overall décor for when you welcome clients or team members into the office.


6. Utilize Logo Mats for Trade Shows and Events.

If you participate in trade shows or host a lot of events, you have the perfect opportunity to increase brand awareness with custom logo mats.

These mats can be used in a variety of ways such as inside the booth area, by the entrance and exit, or even placed under chairs.

Not only do they create a cohesive look, but they are an effective way to stand out from other exhibitors and promote your brand name.

Logo mats are also a great way to draw attention to your business name or logo, especially during large scale events.

You can even have them printed with an accompanying tagline or image that offers a brief message about your company.

To maximize their promotional impact, place them at floor level and make sure they are big enough so that the logo can be easily seen from afar.

If you’re hosting an outdoor event, select a material like rubber matting as it is designed to strictly adhere to surfaces while also being UV-resistant and waterproof.

Additionally, these mats offer an ergonomic benefit by protecting guests from hard floors underfoot.

When displaying an image or logo, the goal is to engage people and make a lasting impression.

Place logo mats strategically near entrances and exits or at eye-level near high traffic areas and product display tables so that people are sure to notice it.

Lighting logos up with target spotlights also adds an extra flair for a showstopping effect.

Additionally, use mats as stationery items when staff members have meet-and-greeted with potential customers – this ensures everyone is looking their best as they represent your business.

By utilizing logo mats in key locations like high-traffic events and exhibits, you’ll be promoting your company’s branding in no time!



7. Showcase Logo Mats in Commercial Spaces.

Logo mats can be placed in any commercial setting such as stores, restaurants, hotels and business lobby locations. In addition to showcasing your brand on the entry mats, they will also protect flooring and enhance the environment with their elegant design.

Make sure that the mat is large enough to accommodate your logo and choose a color that complements your business’s decor while still allowing your logo to stand out.

Strategically placing logo mats near the entrance is key to making them as effective as possible.

If people will be entering through an outside door, opt for an exterior mat that is designed to scrape off dirt, mud, water and debris from shoes. Keeping your entrance areas clean will create a positive impression of your business with customers and visitors alike.

Additionally, if there are large windows next to the entry doors, you can use logo mats on both sides to maximize visibility.

Place one durable outdoor mat on both the interior and exterior side of the window to create a frame around your logo design. This will help draw more attention to your custom mats and make it easier for passersby to spot them as they travel past.

You can also place logo mats in other commercial spaces like lobbies or waiting areas. Indoor mats that streamline with the buying experience, such as those made of pliable rubber, can try to ease long lines and keep customers engaged.

Door mats like these are especially effective when placed right before cash registers to give customers a designated space to stand while they check out.

If you want your custom logo mats to make an impact anywhere in your store or office, design them with bright colors and clear fonts, then select locations based on how much visibility you expect them to garner.

Highlight Customized Logo Mats in Building Lobbies and Areas of Relaxation.

Utilize your custom logo mats in lobbies and other areas of relaxation by placing them as a stylish way to welcome customers. Strategically place the mats near sitting areas or lounge spaces to create a unique atmosphere with recognizable brand messaging.

Doing so not only conveys branding but also creates an inviting space, increasing traffic within the building.

Customized logo mats are a great way to highlight the personality of your brand with customers. Placing them in lobbies or areas of relaxation will increase customer engagement while providing a unique conversational piece.

The mats can not only convey brand messaging but also add a sense of style and comfort through subtle design elements like font, space, color, and texture.

Custom logo mats make for an inviting ambiance, essentially creating an interactive experience for customers that creates more dynamic traffic within your building.

Custom logo mats are perfect to place near entry points, like lobbies and doorways. Doing so gives employees and customers a warm welcome into your space, plus a chance to get familiar with the brand’s identity quicker than ever before.

As for where else to put custom logo mats, consider placing them in areas of relaxation or socializing, like employee lounges or guest reception areas. Here, people may take more time to appreciate their surroundings –– giving your customized logo mats added attention that can really help leave an impression.

With the right placement of tailored logo mats, you may be surprised at how much more impact your branding can make.


Top Areas to Add Custom Logo Floor Mats

Custom logo floor mats can be a great addition to any business or organization since they help create an atmosphere of professionalism and can boost brand recognition.

These custom mats are a perfect way to make a lasting impression and protect the floors at the same time. The most popular areas for custom logo floor mats include entryways, lobbies, hallways, restrooms, and reception areas.

They add a modern yet subtle look while protecting against dirt and spills.

Adding custom logo floor mats to these high-foot traffic areas is an effective way to promote your message or brand while keeping your environment neat and tidy –– all in one!


custom-floor-mat-company-oval-office -logo-mat

Tips for Custom Logo Floor Mat Design

Creating custom logo floor mats can be a great addition to any business. It is important, however, to ensure that you keep a few key tips in mind when designing them.

First and foremost, make sure your custom logo floor mats are clear and recognizable from a distance. It should be simple enough that the passerby can quickly identify your business without having to take an extra look.

Next, utilize contrasting colors between the text of your logo and the color of the mat itself so that it brightly pops against its background.

Lastly, think carefully about the placement and orientation of your custom logo floor mats as it will affect how easily people can spot it while walking by.

With these tips in mind, you’re sure to end up with an eye-catching custom floor mat design!

Hot Spots to Place Mats

Hot spots like store entrances, lobbies, and hallways can benefit from custom floor mats with a logo. Taking the opportunity to place custom floor mats in high-traffic areas can be an excellent means of promoting an organization’s identity or brand.

By customizing the logos and graphics, these mats can act as stylish accents which both increase the visibility of a company, and reduce dirt tracked inside.

Additionally, custom mats also serve several practical functions such as blocking mud and dirt from entering certain spaces and keeping floors cleaner for longer periods.

Floor mats not only improve a space visually but also enhance the safety and cleanliness of an area.


Placing and Installing Custom Logo Floor Mats

Custom logo floor mats are an excellent way to welcome visitors, clients, and staff into your business.

Placing and installing the mats correctly is key to achieving the desired effect – picking the right areas in your reception, entrance hall, or lobby can help increase the visibility of your logo brand.

Attention should be directed towards picking locations that have high foot traffic and areas that haven’t been covered by any other type of floor protection.

This means picking appropriate sizes for the logo mats and making sure that all visitors get a chance to see them as they enter or leave your premises.

With careful placement, custom logo floor mats can add plenty of visual appeals and security to any business.

Custom logo mats are a great way to add a personal touch to your home and make it feel more welcoming.

They can also be used to protect your floors from water damage or given as a gift to someone who needs a little something to spruce up their space.

When placing custom logo mats, be sure to consider traffic patterns and where they will get the most use.

At Enhance Mats, we carry a wide variety of customized logo mats that can be used in many creative ways. With hard-scaping logo mats, you can transform lobby and high traffic areas into a pop of art – they are sure to draw attention either way.

Soft-scaping logo mats are perfect for placing under employee seating areas or guest reception areas as they give visitors a comfortable place to rest their feet.

A simple custom logo mat can instantly update a room’s décor, making it appear fresher and more modern. Not to mention, our easy-to-clean commercial mats are made with anti-skid rubber backing that offer maximum traction for worry-free walking without leaving behind residue or damage.

Check out our selection of custom logo mats today and see the power that carefully placed branding can have on an environment!

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