Basketball Courtside Runners: Gym Floor Runners:1 Hot Product, 3 Key Benefits: Best Seller

Basketball Courtside Runner with custom logo

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Our most popular product to Brand your players’ bench!
Basketball Courtside  Runners are the ultimate in Protection and Athletic Branding!

Front and center, you can “Brand Your Bench” with a long basketball courtside  runner under your player’s chairs and scoring tables.

Custom made to any length, Enhance Mat’s gym floor runners allows the addition of your logo on each end puts your team logo out in front during all of the home games.

You are never limited to color with our Enhance Logo Graphics, just be sure to allow 3-4 feet on either end so your logo is in clear view!

If you want branding centered along the whole gym floor runner’s edge, choose our Heavy Duty Berber Inlaid  which gives you over 40+ colors to choose from for your logo.

You’ll have a great look that will last for years of school competitions!

Our Courtside  Runners (gym floor runners) are one of the most popular additions to your gym.

Easy to order with a  quick and efficient turnaround time, Courtside  gym floor runners are an attractive and necessary addition to protect your gym or arena.


  • Any logo (any detail)- your logo sample sent for approval
  • PMS color matching- your PMS color sample sent for approval
  • Highly absorbent nonwoven 100% recycled top cloth
  • Stain-resistant
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Non-skid moisture barrier backing
  • Easy to roll out
  • Convenient transport and storage with out exclusive storage carts
  • Improve traction for your players’ shoes
  • Custom sizes available
  • 3′ and 4′ widths
  • Quick turnaround times
#2 GYM FLOOR RUNNERS-PROTECTION : Why do Facility Managers love Courtside Runners?

They make their job (and life) easier and expands the budget!

The anti-microbial protected, stain resistant top cloth is backed by premium non-staining vinyl which acts as a moisture barrier and keeps the chairs and shoes from damaging the gym floor.

Our gym floor runners also prevent damage from spills, carts, staging and heavy equipment.

Maintaining the finish of a gym floor extends its life span, cutting both the high cost of refinishing and the downtime (and hassle!) involved in a floor resurfacing.

Investing a little saves a lot! This is gym floor protection at it’s best!

Basketball courtside runners are ideal floor protection for church entryways, tile halls, aisleways, vending areas, plant facilities, and many more applications.

#3 PLAYER PROTECTION: COACH AND PLAYER APPROVED: Why do Coaches and Players love Side Armor Gym Floor Runners?

Have you ever seen a basketball player lick his hand and wipe the bottom of his shoe before heading out on to the court? Gross right?

That’s because dusty gym floors are the nastiest hazard on the court and can lead to player slippage, potential injuries and can reduce overall player effectiveness.

Gymnasiums often  have to transition from one event to another and cleaning time is limited.

Not to mention, the setup itself brings dust and grime onto the gym floor.

With dusty gym floors and the build-up of grime on the soles of the players’ shoes, traction is reduced.

Without traction, players can’t change directions cleanly, make their signature moves or grip to ‘Plant and Shoot’ without fear of injury.

Basketball courts are supposed to sound squeaky but without the proper cleaning that squeak of player’s shoes is gone.

It’s a commmon misconception that  SideArmor Courtside  Gym Runners  only help to protect the gym floor finish from players chairs, tables, etc. when in actuality what is most important is that it helps grab the dust and grime off the soles of the Player’s shoes….clean basketball shoes means improved player stability, control, balance and ultimately performance.

Enhance Mats offers Side Armor Anti-Microbial Gym Floor Runners  which can be plain or  proudly display your school’s logo with dynamic graphics.

Excellent for use by the NBA, NCAA, NFHS, MBAT and intramural, youth and high school play!


5 Key Ways to Clean Basketball Courtside Runners

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