5 Key Ways to Clean Basketball Courtside Runners

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It is important to know how to clean your basketball court runners. The following cleaning and maintenance instructions are recommended to ensure the product maintains its desired appearance and optimal performance level. Proper cleaning of your gym floor runners will also ensure a long product life span


Here are the 5 Key Ways to clean your courtside runners.

  1. Vacuuming Your Courtside Runners
  2. Spot Removal to clean spills and heavily soiled areas of your Courtside Runners
  3. Gum Removal- Critical maintenance information
  4. Proper Storage- Rolling up your Side Armor Courtside Runners
  5. Periodic Maintenance and Extra Care Tips

1. Vacuuming your Courtside Runners

You want your basketball courtside runners to look as good as new! Vacuuming is a key part of maintenance and a great way to keep them looking clean and feeling plush.

Vacuum when needed with a heavy-duty ‘commercial style’ vacuum cleaner. Make sure to vacuum gently using a low suction setting as you run the vacuum in gentle regular strokes over the entire runner.

A vacuum that features a rotary power brush or beater bar will effectively remove deeply embedded dirt particles.

If your Courtside Runner is stored after games, when your gymnasium is being used for other events, be sure to vacuum the gym runner after each use before storage. Time is critical when setting up for games, so it is definitely advantageous to have clean courtside runners ready to roll out for game time!

2.Spot Removal to clean spills or heavily soiled areas on your courtside runners

Keeping your basketball courtside runners looking clean and presentable is important for the overall look and feel of your court. Spot removal is an efficient and effective way to remove spills or heavily soiled areas from your courtside runners.

If a spill occurs, blot excess liquid with a clean absorbent cloth or paper towel. Spray the affected area with an all-purpose spot remover* and rub the surface with a clean white cloth.

Grease or oil-based stains may require a degreaser* which can be found at a local janitorial supply distributor. Allow the runner to dry completely before rolling it up for storage.

* NoteAlways test spot removers and degreasers in an inconspicuous area of the mat.        

3. Gum Removal- Critical maintenance for your Courtside Runner

There are ways to combat this annoying issue without resorting to dangerous chemicals or taking harsh measures that could damage the surface of your gym floor runners. Of the 5 ways to clean your basketball courtside runner, this is often the most asked question.

Use a putty knife to remove the excess chewing gum from the surface of the Courtside Runner. For gum residue, a commercial grade solvent-based gum remover may be required. Before using the gum remover, score the surface of the remaining gum. This allows the gym remover to penetrate more effectively.

Always refer to the gum removers’ directions for detailed instructions. Gum removers are available at your local janitorial supply distributor. Taking these simple measures can keep your courtside in tip-top shape.


4. Proper Storage: Rolling up your Side Armor Courtside Runners

This courtside runner storage method is designed to keep your runners in their original shape, so they are ready to roll out whenever needed. The key to proper storage is the proper rolling up of each individual runner.

When rolling your runner up, we recommend first flipping the runner over so that the carpet-cloth top is lying against the floor. That would leave the vinyl backing face up. Start from one end and loosely roll the Courtside Runner up, keeping the edges even. This method will allow the Vinyl Pressed Logo to be protected.


If you have purchased the optional Side Armor Cart, you runner roll will stand up on one side of the cart. Use the strap attached to the cart to secure your runner roll in place.

The Side Armor Cart conveniently and safely stores and transports your Courtside Runners and keeps them looking good for years. The cart prevents the runner rolls from being flattened or indented. As carpet has a memory, it is hard for the runners to lay flat once they have been bent.

The Side Armor Cart is your insurance that the gym floor runners will be protected and last for years. If you have not invested in a cart for storage, the roll can be gently secured with Velcro or a strap and will need to be stood up on end, out of the way of heavy items that might push up against it.

It can’t be emphasized how critical the storage of your Courtside Runners is to keep them looking good for years!

At Enhance Mats, we have developed the Side Armor Cart for proper storage to protect your runners.

When quoting, we include the Side Armor Cart when two or more rolls are ordered( usually one cart per pair of runners) because it both greatly eases the process of moving the rolls and ensures they are stored in such a way that will provide a lon useful lifespan. This quote allows each of our customers to see how reasonable and valuable this optional but highly recommended item it.




5. Periodic Maintenance and Extra Care Tips

Staying on top of your Courtside Runner’s periodic maintenance can help you save time and money in the long run. Not only will a well-maintained courtside runner last longer, but it will also look great for its entire lifespan.

The Courtside Runner is made to hold up for years, and the added vinyl pressed logo will help to create team spirit for years.

We have covered the 5 ways to clean basketball courtside runners. It’s important to take the necessary steps to extend the life of your assets, such as regularly checking for dirt or debris buildup, vacuuming regularly and always before storing, and proper storage.

Taking extra care of your Courtside Runner can go a long way toward making sure that it provides peak performance in every game.

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