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8 Key Points to Consider: 

How to Choose the Best Gym Floor Cover Protection for Your Facility

basketball-courtside-runner-gym-floor-cover-protectiongym=floor-covering-protection-enhance-matsDO I REALLY NEED TO INVEST IN  GYM FLOOR COVERING PROTECTION?

 The simple answer is YES! The cost of  good gym floor cover protection is a fraction of the cost to refinish or even replace your gym floor. New gym floor can cost upwards of $100,000.
Gymnasiums are being used for multiple functions daily, including sports, athletics, graduation ceremonies, concerts, dances, summer camps, trade shows and other events. Our gym floor covers are specifically made to protect your investment with the highest quality, durable floor covers that are attractive and improve the acoustics of your gym.
Protecting your investment with a quality gym floor cover protection will save the cost of refinishing or replacement of your gym floor, not to mention the downtime and hassle.


8 Key Points to Consider: How to Choose the Best Gym Floor Cover Protection For Your Facility:

  1. COURTSIDE RUNNERS: If you are needing protection only under the chairs and scoring tables during your basketball games, the Courtside Runners are the best choice. Enhance Mat’s basketball runners were designed specifically for this job. Made with 100 % recycled polyester  Anti-Microbial top cloth and a premium backing, our Courtside Basketball Runners are durable, light enough to easily roll up and take up, easy to transport, with compact storage and highly absorbent. It is simple to add a vinyl pressed logo to one or both ends. Ordering is streamlined and you have the opportunity to see an actual sample of the product with your logo for color verification. Turn around times are fast. Compare this to the heavy and cumbersome 52 oz. berber runners of years past, and there is no comparison.
  2. BUDGET: Budget is often one of the critical decisions is selecting a gym floor cover to protect your entire gym floor. The least expensive selection is Vinyl Gym Floor Covering. It provides some protection but due to its thinner nature, anything that is dropped, a heavy item that might be dragged across the floor and of course the infamous high heeled shoe that might be worn by the audience at your graduation, can gouge the surface of your gym floor and cause damage. A Vinyl gym floor cover can fit the budget, but thought should be given to the wrinkling that occurs after years use. Carefully review the size of the storage racks to be sure there in ample room to store the gym floor cover protection when it is not in use. Choosing the gym floor cover rolls or tiles will provide better protection, if the budget allows. 
  3. EASE OF STORAGE : Easy on the budget, durable and fast to deploy and take up, both the 6′ Court Armor Roll gym floor covering and the New 8′ Court Armor roll systems are both great choices. Note that the storage rack for the 6′ rolls can fit through a regular doorway. As adequate storage is not often considered when gymnasiums are built, having the flexibility to move the gym floor cover to convenient storage areas or even to another building,is a hugh plus.  A quick chat with our experts at Enhance Mats will help guide you as to the differences of all of the gym floor cover protection available as well as the best choice for your needs.
  4. COURT ARMOR GYM FLOOR ROLLS: In years past, companies understood the limits of vinyl gym floor covers and  have used rolls of actual carpet, in varying widths, to cover the gym floors and provide protection, while improving the acoustics of the facility.The idea was a good one, but due to the weight of the carpet, the deployment and take up was extremely difficult. Also, due to the thickness of the product, storage is ackward and difficult. Labor costs when using the carpet covers is higher as many people were needed to handle the cover. Taking the place of the carpet gym floor cover, Court Armor Rolls were developed to provide a carpet topcloth, for asthetics and acoustics,  with a vinyl backing for moisture protection. The rolls are extremely durable, but unlike the heavy carpet, are easy to roll out, quick to take up, and easy to store. Deployment of a gym was reduced to 30 minutes and requires only two people to handle the whole gymnasium. Now available in 8′ widths, time can be reduced even more. 
  5. COURT ARMOR ROLLS AS FIELD COVERS: Recently, due to Covid restrictions, some schools chose to have their commencement or graduation ceremonies outdoor. The athletic fields were the best locations, but with chairs and heeled shoes,  good looking, slip resistant covers were required. The Court Armor 6′ Rolls proved to be a great product to roll out on the fields to provide coverage. Easily taken up and stored, Court Armor Rolls were able to serve the dual purpose of use both indoors and outdoors. 
  6. COURT ARMOR GYM FLOOR TILES: By far the best choice for a gym floor covering, if budget allows, is the Court Armor Tile. It is by far, the most versatile gym floor tile on the market. Developed specifically to protect gym floors and to provide years of durability and performance, the Court Armor Gym Floor Tile allows you to deploy the tiles in various patterns, covering exactly the spaces you choose. You are not limited to the original size that you ordered as you can put out as many or as few tiles as you need for the event. Additional tiles can be used as matting in the entries and hallways for added safety and protection. Easy to store with 150 tiles on a platform truck, the tiles can be wheeled and stored conveniently. 
  7. VINYL PRESSED LOGOS: Branding has become very important for colleges, high schools and professional sports teams. Being able to display your team’s logo or sponsorships boldly at your games boosts your team. The Vinyl Pressed Logo was developed to allow teams to have the exact PMS color match for their logos. Easy to order, quick turnaround times and an economical investment, Vinyl Pressed Logos add to your gym floor protection. They can be applied to Courtside Runners, as well as Court Armor Rolls and Tiles. A great addition to boost your team spirit, but not tax your budget. 
  8. TUNNEL ARMOR: Temporary Indoor Batting Cage Floor Protection: The newest addition to Enhance’s gym floor covering selection is Tunnel Armor, with is temporary indoor batting cage floor protection. Due to weather restraints, outdoor practice is limited in areas that have winter conditions. The Tunnel Armor allows the gymnasium to be used along with netting, for batting practice. Light weight but durable, the gym floor protection can easily be rolled out, then rolled up and stored. Quickly and easily increase your practice time with Tunnel Armor.



Enhance Mats steps up to the challenge of creating a statement and facility worthy of your team and school. As the  innovator in athletic branding and protection, Enhance Mat’s products are developed to  provide inspirational branding and exceptional flooring, gymnasium, track and field protection.

Working directly with Athletic Directors, Coaches and Facility Managers across the country, we have listened to their need to protect and brand their facilities. We are constantly working to develop products that are more effective, efficient and economical. That is how we stand out from any of our competitors

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