UGA’S #1 Criteria: Choosing their new roll gym floor covering cover for graduation.

Gym floor covering protects gym floor during graduation at Stegeman Hall

UGA’s Roll Gym Floor Covering Choice: Enhance Mat’s

UGA’S #1 Criteria: Choosing their new gym floor cover for graduation.

The University of Georgia – Stegman Coliseum facility managers had one important criteria in the selection of their new roll gym floor covering to protect their gym flooring for their upcoming spring Commencement.

UGA, like all other colleges and high schools, uses their gymnasium for a host of activities.

The UGA gyms are expensive investments for the University of Georgia, and care needs to be taken to protect the gym floor from damage.

To maximize the functionality of the UGA’s gyms, the facility team looked to Enhance Mats to provide the best gym floor cover for their needs.

To maximize the use of their space, activities are scheduled back-to-back, often with very little set up time between the activities.


The facility managers did not have hours between their closely scheduled Special Events and needed a durable and economical gym floor cover protection that could be deployed and taken up quickly.

The new gym cover rolls were the answer to their needs. Gym floor roll coverings include many benefits to protect your gymnasium floors.

Enhance’s Roll gym floor protection  can quickly be deployed, with two people installing 10,000 square feet in as little an hour and can be taken up just as quickly.

Factor the ability to move from one event to the next with little down time, plus the savings in labor costs and Enhance Court Armor Roll is a Winner!

Court Armor Roll Racking System holds over 7000 sq. ft. per rack and conveniently wheels through a standard door frame if storage is in another area of the building.

The benefit of a 34″ wide loaded gym floor covering racking system is huge if the roll gym floor covering is needed in another building.

Remember the days when the large and cumbersome vinyl storage racks had to sit to the side of the gym or just outside the double doors, as they couldn’t be moved to other areas of the campus.

The liability of a storage rack sitting where someone could run into the dangerous edges is a major concern.

 See how our Revolutionary gym floor covers and gym mat’s function and protects better than vinyl or tarp covers.

Choose from gym flooring rolls, gym floor tiles and gym floor mats! 


Court Armor Roll Gym Floor Covering 

A Better Answer to the Old Vinyl Tarp Covers

Additional Benefits of a Good Gym Floor Covering:

  • The elegant look of carpet
  • The soft acoustics of carpet
  • Moisture proof protective backing
  • Slip resistant.
  • Stain resistant
  • Easy to install and take up.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Economical
  • Compact storage




court-armor-gym-floor-cover-rolls-bestCompact Storage- Each rack holds 7500 sq. ft.


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