The Benefits of Implementing a Roll Storage Rack in Your Gym

gym floor cover storage rack 8 ft rolls


A gym roll storage rack is an essential tool for gym operators and facility managers who want to maximize the use of their gym floor area.

By investing in a gym roll storage rack, you can keep your gym floor cover properly stored when not in use, and you can easily move your rack into position for deployment when needed.

Ultimately, your gym floor cover protects your gym floor from wear, tear, and dirt accumulation.

The primary benefit of a gym roll storage rack is the efficient way it allows you to store rolled gym floor covering.

With this type of storage system in place, these items remain off the gym floor when not needed- increasing available working space and reducing any potential hazards that may arise from having them spread out across the space.

Additionally, a gym roll storage rack can be easily relocated and adjusted to fit your gym’s needs.

Another advantage of using a gym roll storage rack is its ability to keep gym equipment looking good and maintaining its shape, so your gym floor cover will last longer.

Investing in a gym roll storage rack is critical for deployment, take-up, storage, and transport.


What is a roll storage rack in the gym?

A gym roll storage rack is a great way to keep gym floor covers safe and organized.

Storage racks  allow roll gym floor covers, both vinyl and carpet surface, to easily roll for storage.

The storage racks are made with rolling wheels to allow them to easily be moved around.

The cover rolls in strips onto the storage rack and it takes two people to deploy and take up the sections of the gym floor cover.

These keep the gym floor covers looking and functioning well for years. The racks are exactly what they are called, they are the best storage plan for up to 10,000 sq. ft. of product.

Storage capacity varies by manufacturer and by the type and width of floor cover product.

It is critical to consider the size and scale of the storage rack that is made for the gym floor cover you are considering.

Some storage racks are massive compared to the smaller units today.

Knowing where you need to move your gym floor cover to and where it will be store, so you can be aware of moving the gym floor cover rack through doorways and halls.

Some racks manouver easily, while others take a lot more effort. Some need to stay in place in your gymnasium and being aware of possible interference in other activities and safety is important.

Storage racks are made of metal for strength and roll on heavy duty caster. Some storage racks allow you to use a Power Winder, which makes the process much easier.

The racks are typically made of durable steel frames that allow the roll covers to be rolled onto the rack and later unrolled for installation.

Roll storage racks are an essential piece of gym equipment for gym owners and managers looking to ensure that their gym foor cover stays like new for years.


Why do I need a roll storage rack in the gym?

In the past, vinyl gym floor covers were the main type of gym floor protection.

Often the rolls of vinyl were folded for storage, but this proved ineffective for several reasons.

Folding a gym floor cover means working with a heavy product and repeated folding or if other heavier items were set on top of the cover heavy creases were created.

The creasing led to the vinyl gym floor cover buckling when it was laid and this created a trip-and-fall hazard.

Not only was safety compromised, but the vinyl gym floor cover also looked bad.

At the creased area, the material would break down and the lifespan of the cover is shortened.


How can a roll storage rack improve the overall organization?

Having a storage rack for your roll gym floor cover, will protect your investment, make the installation and takeup faster, and save costly manpower, which is reflective in wage costs.

Your gym floor is a huge investment, as is investing in a gym floor cover to protect your investment. Why would you not choose to wisely take care of your investment?

The cost of a cover is significant and everything should be done to keep your gym floor cover looking and functioning well for year.

Deployment, takeup and storage all can potentially damage your roll gym floor cover.

Edges need to stay unscrapped so they lay flat and the rolls need to remain smooth so they lay flat when in use. This is important to keep people of tripping over them.

Also, having the ability to roll the stored gym floor cover out of the way or to another part of the building for storage is critical.

Often, schools and churches find themselves limited on storage, so looking to the more compact storage units is a good option.


What factors should be considered when selection a roll storage rack?

There are several factors to look at when you are considering a storage rack.

  1. Is the storage rack easy to assemble?  Storage racks are usually shipped unassembled, and ease of assembly is necessary.Facilities often wait until they are need of their gym floor cover for the first event, and putting the rack together and the floor cover loaded is time critical.

2. Are the Caster Wheels protective on your gym floor finish?  The finish of your gym floor needs to stay free of scratches and gouges.

The weight of a gym floor cover puts stress on the casters, which need to be able to keep your gym floors looking new.

3. Do the caster wheels swivel? If you are going to move your rolling storage rack at all, it is going to need to be able to manouver from one place to another, so swivel wheels are important.

4. Are there any parts of the storage rack that is potential finger pinching or other injury? As racks have progressed they get better and safer.

Checking to see if winding clips and brackets are provided to keep the product from unrolling by itself, and that the rods do not ‘pop out’ when in use.

Researching other facilities will give you more information of how the rack functions, and potential issues to avoid.

5. How many square feet of product does the rolling storage rack hold?  Gym floor covers cover by square foot, and due to the cost and storage, the fewer rolling storage racks for your gym floor cover that you need to purchase, the easier the budget.

6. Is the rolling storage rack stable when fully loaded? Rack design should always allow for the rack to lock in place and handle safely

7. Does the storage rack have a straightening bar? A straightening bar will keep the gym floor cover roll strips ‘square’ so they roll up easily and straight.

8. Does your gym floor storage rack use a Power Winder? A Power Winder takes the’muscle’ out of loading the gym floor cover after use and it also makes it faster to takeup your cover.


9. Does your storage rack offer a cover? Keeping your gym floor cover clean and untouched, will help maintain the look and function.

10. Does your supplier offer videos for complete training? Videos to both put your storage rack together, and to use it properly, are easier to follow and to train with.


How to use a roll storage rack?

The storage rack is used to roll up and store your roll gym floor cover.

Your supplier should walk you through the exact steps to follow to quickly deploy and take-up the cover.

A video is especially benefical to watch if provided, for training on the methods and tips of usage.


Why look to Enhance Mats for the Best roll storage rack?

Enhance Mats is dedicated to heping you protect your investment.

We work to protect both your floors and the people walking on our Specialty Floor Covers.

Court Armor Roll Storage Rack:

With the roll systems, the Coo=urtArmor Rack system is constructed of high gauge steel and hold a total capacity of 7,000 square feet of matting.

There are two spindles, each holds 3,500 square feet of matting.

Each spindle can hold multiple lengths of mats.

The racks rolls on non-marking swivel casters.

The approximate weight of each rack is 255 lbs.

Complete instructions are provided by video to assemble, load and deploy the roll system.

Only 34″ in width the rack easily rolls through a 36″ door, which allows it to transport the gym floor cover to other areas for use, or a convenient area for compact storage.


Facility Armor Court Armor Roll Storage Rack has all of the needed features including:

  1. Ease of assembly
  2. Protective Caster Wheels
  3. Swivel Caster Wheels
  4. State of the Art design to avoid any areas that can pinch or catch fingers, etc
  5. Holds the most carpet rolls @ 7,000 square feet per rack
  6. Locking wheels stabilize the rack and the design eliminates any tipping issues if the rack is loaded per instructions.
  7. The Court Armor Roll Storage Rack has a straightening bar built into each storage spindle.
  8. A Power Winder is available to make the take-up easier and faster!rack-cover-facility-armor-gym-floor-rolls

Shop our Gym Floor Cover Rack.

Choosing the best gym floor cover system with the best storage rack for your school or facility takes selecting the right company.

Check out our videos on the roll, tile, and courtside runner pages to see all of the key points you need to know to make the best decision.

Enhance Mats offers roll systems in both 6’ and 8’ widths, heavy duty tile systems, custom color tiles and courtside runners to protect your gym floor.

Trust Enhance Mats, the leader in Sports Surface Protection to help your choose the right gym floor cover system for your facility.

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