Maximizing Court Safety and Durability with Court Armor Rolls Gym Floor Covers

gym floor covering 8 ft wide roll protects gym floor during ceremonies and functions


In years past, companies understood the limits of vinyl gym floor covers and have used rolls of actual carpet, in varying widths, to cover the gym floors and provide protection, while improving the acoustics of the facility.

But the carpet rolls were not made to protect a gym floor, rather they were adapted for gym floor protection.

The carpet rolls were heavy to deploy, take up and took up a great deal of space to store.

As carpet has a memory, poor storage would lead to buckled carpet which would make it unusable. 

Fast forward to today, and a carpet surface roll floor covering to protect gym floors has been specifically developed to be both a durable floor covering and offer the benefits of carpet. 

Check out our short video to see the best features of Court Armor Gym Floor Rolls!


Read on to see how Court Armor Gym Floor Rolls have become the most popular roll carpet floor covering for gyms.

  • Why is a gym floor cover an important investment?

  • Why are Court Armor Rolls a great choice to protect your gym floor?

  • How do Court Armor Rolls maximize court safety and durability

  • Why are Court Armor Rolls the best gym floor protection?

  • How do I place Court Armor Rolls properly?

  • How do I store Court Armor Rolls?

Why is a gym floor cover an important investment?

A gym floor cover is an important investment for any athletic facility.

This type of coverage helps protect gym floors from damage caused by sports equipment, dropped weights, and general wear and tear.

It also provides cushioning to reduce the risk of injury, making it one of the most essential gym accessories available.

Durability is a major factor when selecting gym floor covers since they must be able to withstand heavy use while still offering comfort.

By investing in quality gym floor covers, gym owners can ensure that their facility will remain safe and comfortable while protecting their gym floors from unnecessary damage.

Additionally, many gym floor covers come with anti-microbial properties which help to keep them clean and free from bacteria buildup over time.

This added layer of protection makes gym floor covers an essential gym accessory and a worthwhile investment.

Ultimately, gym floor covers are an important investment for any gym or fitness facility.

They provide cushioning to prevent injuries and protect gym floors from damage caused by sports equipment and heavy use.

Furthermore, gym floor covers come with anti-microbial properties which help keep them sanitary over time.

Why are Court Armor Rolls a great choice to protect your gym floor?

Court Armor Roll gym floor covering is the best roll system on
  • How do Court Armor Rolls maximize court safety and durability

Vinyl gym floor covers have been the best solution to protect gym floors up to this point.

The drawbacks of a vinyl system were the wrinkling of the product when it is on the floor which leads to trip and fall hazards.

The vinyl also can be very slippery if a spill occurs, or if shoes were damp coming into the gymnasium.

Vinyl was also very heavy and cumbersome to handle, and with the wide widths, storage racks are large, taking up a lot of space.

The storage racks also are ackward to manouver, if they need to be moved.

As a comparison, Court Armor Rolls offer a carpet surface which has grip to prevent slip and falls.

The rolls are laid out flat and velcroed in place, so there are not wrinkles to trip people.

If a spill occurs, the carpet surface wicks the moisture away, and the thermoplastic backing keeps moisture from damaging your gym floor.

Having the ability to handle moisture keeps the court safe for all attendees.

Court Armor Rolls are made from recycled water bottles which creates a durable and strong gym floor covering that resists tears, and stands up to tough wear and tear.

  • Why are Court Armor Rolls the best gym floor protection?

Court armor rolls are widely considered to be the best gym floor protection due to their durability and slip-resistant properties.

The construction of court armor rolls makes them extremely resilient against wear and tear, ensuring that gym floors stay in pristine condition no matter how much they are used.

Court armor also has a micro-textured carpet surface which provides excellent grip, making it an ideal choice for gym floors as it reduces slipping and tripping hazards.

Court armor carpet gym floor covering can easily be installed in any gym space without any special tools or assistance, giving gym owners great value for money when it comes to protecting their gym flooring.

All in all, court armor rolls offer gym owners the perfect balance between safety and affordability, making them the ideal choice when it comes to gym floor protection.



Court Armor rolls can be customizes with vinyl-pressed logos, allowing schools and gym owners to customize their gym flooring to match the aesthetic of their gym space.

The wide range of colors to match your logo colors with unlimited graphic capabilities makes it easy to create your perfect logo.

This makes court armor an incredibly versatile option when it comes to protecting gym floors and adding a splash of personality to the gym space.

With Court Armor, schools can make sure that their gym looks great while staying safe and protected from wear and tear.

Court Armor Rolls are one of the best options for gym floor protection due to their durability, slip-resistant properties, ease of installation, and variety of colors available.

With Court Armor, you can be assured that their gym floor is well-protected and looks great for years to come.


  • How do I place Court Armor Rolls properly?

For your convenience we have a complete video to show you how to take your Court Armor Rolls up quickly, easily and efficiently.
Deploying the Court Armor carpet roll gym floor covering is a two person operation.
The person behind the racking system is simply preventing the roll from from over rotating. Once you have pulled the first roll off, roll the storage cart over to the next placement, squaring it up to the first deployed strip.
You’re going to continue to do the same steps, moving the rack until all of the needed gym floor is covered.
Check out the video that will show you how to install the Hook and Loop tape to secure the strips of gym floor cover together.
  • How do I store Court Armor Rolls?

The rack has spindles to assist in the take-up, can utilize the Power Winder to make take-up easier and faster and easily rolls on non-marking casters.
The ReWind Tool is used to easily and efficient remove the hook & loop tape and store it.


Key Points to Remember:

  1. When you’re loading, you always want to load the bottom first roll  first. This keeps the center of gravity as low as possible for safety purposes.
  2. Unlock the casters and you’re going to move your system into place lining it up with a roll on the floor. This part is critical because the straighter you get this racking system to the roll itself, the easier these rolls are going to go onto your storage rack.You’re going to lock all four casters when you have your storage rack in position. 
  3. Remember, the take-up is a two-person operation.
  4. On the storage rack there are two red spindles that serve two functions. First, the spindles act as a straightening attachment. This allows you to load the rolls on nice and straight and to keep the rolls nice and tight.  Secondly the spindles  help to smooth the rolls out as you wind it up.
  5. For storage, you can  walk the storage rack  through a 36 inch door without any issues with the straightening attachment on the front of it.
  6. Aluminum clips are provided to secure the rolls of gym carpet gym floor covering on the bars for storage.
  7. Investing in a Power Winder make retrieval much quicker and less labor intensive. A Power Winder takes the hard work out of rolling up  gym floor Court Armor gym floor rolls.

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Choosing the best gym floor cover system with the best storage rack for your school or facility takes selecting the right company.

Check out our videos on the roll, tile, and courtside runner pages to see all of the key points you need to know to make the best decision.

Enhance Mats offers roll systems in both 6’ and 8’ widths, heavy duty tile systems, custom color tiles and courtside runners to protect your gym floor.

Trust Enhance Mats, the leader in Sports Surface Protection to help your choose the right gym floor cover system for your facility. Call 877-318-8625 or Request a Quote today!


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