‘HOW TO’ GUIDE : College Custom Mats with Sports Logos and Locker Room Flooring

entrance mats with custom logo The University of South Carolina Gamecocks

What a visual for team spirit: Custom mats with sports logos are an important visual and safety factor for Sports Teams in high school, college and pro team levels.

Branding is huge for team spirit and recruiting, and sports logos on custom mats can make a bold statement for your team. Whether it is at your front entrance, your locker rooms, stadium ramps and entrances or anywhere throughout your facility, putting your sports logo for your team front and center creates an impact on team spirit.

Add the feature of skate, cleat and spike resistance to the inset sports logo option, and you have a winner for your athletic facility protection and branding.

Custom mats with sports logos and logo locker room flooring are cost effective, durable ways to provide focused branding that will last for years.

Schools, Businesses and Churches are always looking for a cost effective way to add Distinction and Branding to their facilities while providing quality floor protection.

Custom Mats with Sports Logos and Branded Locker Room Flooring are the most Functional and Visual ‘Wow’ you can add to make your facility look great while providing Safety and a Statement!

With the 41+ dynamic colors available in a high performance carpet, these mats make excellent College Branding for top athletic training facilities.

Check out the 41+ colors available below for mat base and logos.


From the outside of the front doors, airlocks, front lobbies, elevators, stadium entrances, halls of fame,trophy rooms, locker room and other areas throughout the building, Mats can Enhance your Brand with your School and Logo Colors.


Affordable Costs:

Enhance Mats are the most durable custom mats with sports logos in the industry.

The sonic blade/ water jet cut logo is an exact representation of your logo, with crisp clean lines.

The logo pieces are assembled by our quality craftsmen and the mat is reinforced with vinyl on the back, creating a superior quality custom mat.

Logo Mat Gallery

Other competitor’s mats are often screen printed on the surface and will eventually wear off.

Investing in Enhance Custom Floor Mats with Sports Logos and Custom Carpet with Sports Logos will prove to be the better investment when you take into account:


  • Performance
  • Skate, cleat and spike resistant
  • Durability
  • Appearance
  • Color Clarity
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Safety
  • 3 year warranty


‘How to Guide’ :  Branded Locker Room Flooring & Custom Floor Mats

1. Choose the area in your facility that you need a mat
2. Define the size and shape of mat needed
3. Design you mat

Choose the Logo and Message

Select a background color that compliments your facility as well as allowing your logo to stand out

Fonts- we will work from your logo or school specs.

4. Request a quote

 With the specifications and logo you provide, we will create an art proof to show you how your mat will look as well as provide with pricing.

‘Tweaks’ can be made from there to be sure you will have the Custom Mat with logos that works best for your facility and budget.


Need some assistance? 

The Design Experts at Enhance Mats have years of experience and can walk you through the process from start to finish. 

Quick Logo Mat Quote Request

Where Can You Use a Custom Mat with Logos?

Logo Locker Rooms, Bank, Church/Assembly Hall, Condo/Apartment Building, Convention Hall, Daycare Center, Government Building, Health/Fitness Facility, Hospital, College Logo Mats, Hotel/Resort, Ice Arena, Library, Medical/Dental Office, Museum, Office Building, Public Building, Restaurant/Lounge/Bar, Retail Shop/Department Store, School, Senior Care Facility, Sports/Recreational Facility, Supermarket/Convenience Store, Transportation Building, University/College, Warehouse/Industrial
Elevator, Entryway, Foyer, Hallway, Lobby, Mail Room, Vestibules
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