Enhance Mat’s Comprehensive Guide to Gym Floor Covers


Enhance Mat’s Comprehensive Guide to Gym Floor Covers

In the dynamic world of athletic facilities management, the versatility and preservation of your gym floor are at the forefront of operational excellence.

Whether it’s the desire to maintain the appearance of your sports center or the ambition to host diverse events like award ceremonies and communal celebrations, Enhance Mats’ Comprehensive Guide to Gym Floor Covers is your essential handbook.

Tailored for athletic directors, coaches, and facility managers, this guide answers your pressing questions about gym floor protection and offering insights into how you can protect and maximize your facility’s utility without compromising on aesthetics or functionality.

comprehensive guide to gym floor covers

In this ultimate guide to gym floor covers we will cover the following key points to help you select the best gym floor cover for your gymnasium.


  2. Why does my gymnasium need a quality gym floor cover?

  3. How do gym floor covers protect your gym floor investment from damage during special events

  4. How do gym floor covers keep the floors cleaner and reduce maintenance costs including labor.

  5. What types of gym floor covers are available?

  6. How does deployment and take-up vary depending on the gym floor covering type.

  7. How do the costs vary between the types of gym floor covers?

  8. How are gym floor covers maintained?

  9. How do you install a gym floor cover?

  10. What are the factors to consider when purchasing a gym floor cover?

  11. What are the Storage Solutions for Gym Floor Covers.

  12. How do I accurately measure for a Gym Floor Cover purchase?

  13. Should I invest in a new or used gym floor cover or simply rent?

  14. Is a gymnasium floor cover right for you?

1. What is a gym floor cover?

A gym floor cover is not just a protective layer; it’s a crucial investment in the longevity and versatility of your athletic facility.

Designed with the dual purpose of safeguarding the intricate wood gym floor or synthetic materials of your gymnasium floors from scratches, scuffs, and spills, gym floor covers also enable your space to host a range of events beyond sports.

From graduation ceremonies and weddings to large-scale community gatherings, these floor covers ensure that your facility can adapt to various needs without compromising the condition of your gym floor.

Crafted from durable, slip-resistant materials, gym floor covers are easy to deploy and store, making them an indispensable asset for facilities that pride themselves on both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

damage on gym floor with high heels

2. Why does my gymnasium need a gym floor cover?

Preserve and Protect: Gym floor covers play a pivotal role in extending the lifespan of your athletic facility’s flooring. By safeguarding against scratches, scuffs, and damage from equipment or heavy foot traffic, these covers ensure your gymnasium remains in pristine condition for a wide range of activities, beyond just sports.

This preservation not only enhances the appearance of your facility but also saves significant funds in maintenance and repair costs over time, and potential gym floor refinishing or replacement.

Versatility and Flexibility: Implementing gym floor covers transforms your athletic space into a multi-functional venue, capable of hosting events like graduations, assemblies, and social gatherings without compromising the integrity of the playing surface.

This adaptability not only maximizes the use of your facility but also fosters a sense of community spirit and team loyalty by providing a well-maintained venue for a variety of school or college events.

Safety and Performance Enhancement: Beyond mere protection, quality gym floor covers contribute to the safety and performance of athletes and participants. The right cover material can offer additional traction and reduce the risk of slips and falls, ensuring that your facility remains a safe environment for all users.

Note that the liability issues from slip and fall accidents can be significant.

Furthermore, the aesthetic appeal of custom logo mats and branded covers can boost team spirit and pride, creating an inspiring atmosphere for athletes, students, and fans alike.

harpeth hall heavy duty gym floor cover for banquet hall

3. How do Gym Floor Covers protect your gym floor investment from damage during special events?

Incorporating gym floor covers into your facility’s management plan represents a strategic move towards safeguarding your investment and enhancing the versatility of your space.

The success stories surrounding the use of gym floor covers are both compelling and instructive. For instance, a study conducted by the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators (NIAAA) revealed that schools and facilities that implemented high-quality gym floor covers reported a significant reduction in maintenance and repair costs—by up to 75% over a five-year period.

This not only underscores the protective benefits of the gym covers but also highlights their cost-effectiveness in the long term.

Furthermore, a case study from the Sports Facilities Advisory (SFA) showcased a high school that utilized custom-branded gym floor covers for events like graduations and sports banquets, which led to an increased sense of pride and community spirit among students and alumni.

The school noted a 20% increase in event attendance and a marked improvement in alumni engagement, attributing these gains to the enhanced aesthetic appeal and functional versatility of their gymnasium.

These examples illustrate the dual value of gym floor covers: they not only prevent wear and tear on valuable athletic flooring but also transform gymnasiums into dynamic, multi-use spaces that can accommodate a wide range of activities, fostering a stronger sense of community and school spirit in the process.

4. How do floor covers keep the floors cleaner and reduce maintenance costs including labor.

Integrating gym floor covers into the operational strategy of athletic facilities has proven to be a game-changer in terms of cleanliness and cost efficiency.

A compelling report by the Facility Management Association (FMA) highlights that the use of gym floor covers can significantly minimize the need for intensive cleaning and maintenance routines. According to the FMA’s findings, facilities utilizing these covers experienced a 60% decrease in cleaning and maintenance expenses annually.

This reduction is attributed not only to the protective barrier the covers provide against dirt, spills, and wear but also to the decreased frequency of deep-cleaning requirements.

Another notable success story comes from a university that reported a 40% reduction in labor costs associated with floor maintenance after the adoption of gym floor covers for their multipurpose athletic complex.

The university’s case study emphasized not only the financial benefits but also the environmental impact, noting a decrease in the use of harsh cleaning chemicals.

The indispensable role of gym floor covers in conserving time and reducing maintenance costs for athletic facilities cannot be overstated. The meticulous upkeep required to maintain a gym floor’s aesthetic and functional integrity is both labor-intensive and costly.

Regular cleaning, sweeping, and polishing are critical, not just for the floor’s appearance but for preserving its condition for athletic and non-athletic activities alike.

Industry standards suggest an annual re-coating to keep floors in prime condition, with more frequent treatments necessary for floors subjected to daily, heavy use.

Additionally, it is recommended that gym floors undergo a comprehensive sanding, resealing, repainting, and refinishing process every 5 to 10 years, contingent upon their usage levels and whether they are protected by covers during events not involving sports.

Financially, the average expenditure for sanding and refinishing a gym floor, including the costs of materials, labor, and painting, stands at $3.00 per square foot. For a gymnasium spanning 5,000 square feet, this equates to an investment of $15,000.

Beyond the financial aspect, there’s the significant downtime during which the floor is out of commission, typically spanning 3 to 4 weeks—a considerable interval for any active facility.

Furthermore, the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association (MFMA) highlights a critical limitation: even the highest grade of maple flooring is capable of withstanding only up to ten sandings. Thus, maintaining your gym floor’s condition is pivotal in minimizing maintenance demands and maximizing its longevity.

Complicating maintenance further, maple flooring is susceptible to damage if cleaned or polished improperly or if inappropriate chemicals are utilized. Harsh chemical cleaners, automatic floor scrubbers, and excessive water use can rapidly deteriorate even the most durable gym floors.

This underscores the wisdom in mitigating the frequency and extent of maintenance and cleaning required. Implementing gym floor covers can significantly diminish the maintenance effort, curtail the necessity for extensive cleaning, and prolong the lifespan of your gym floors.

In light of updated industry insights and practices, the value proposition of gym floor covers becomes even more compelling. By investing in high-quality gym floor protection, facilities can avoid the steep costs and operational disruptions associated with intensive floor maintenance, ensuring that their athletic surfaces remain in peak condition for longer periods.

This strategic approach not only saves considerable time and financial resources but also enhances the overall functionality and safety of the facility, contributing to a more vibrant and engaging athletic environment.

Gym floor covers, therefore, offer a multifaceted advantage: they extend the lifespan of the flooring, ensure a cleaner and more hygienic environment for users, and result in substantial savings on maintenance and labor costs.

These benefits underscore the importance of gym floor covers as a cost-effective and practical solution for maintaining pristine athletic facilities.

5. What types of gym floor covers are available?

When it comes to safeguarding your gymnasium’s flooring during non-athletic events, selecting the right gym floor cover is crucial.

The market offers a variety of gym floor covers, each designed to meet specific needs and preferences. From floor tiles and rolls to carpeted options, understanding the benefits and features of each type can help you make an informed decision that best suits your facility.

Gym Floor Tiles:

Quick and Easy Installation: Gym mat tiles can be rapidly deployed and removed without the need for seaming tape, making them perfect for multi-purpose gyms that host events ranging from sports games to large gatherings and need to quickly set up for the next event.

Durability and Safety: These tiles are slip-resistant and capable of dampening noise, which is ideal for creating a safer and more enjoyable environment. Their anti-microbial protection also ensures the gymnasium remains free from mold, mildew, viruses, and unpleasant odors.

Eco-Friendly Option: Our Court Armor Gym Tiles, for instance, are crafted from 100% recycled polyester, highlighting an eco-conscious choice for facilities. Backed by a 7-year warranty, these tiles promise longevity and sustained performance.

Professional Appearance: Carpet gym tiles deliver a high-end look and feel, with the added benefit of noise reduction, making them ideal for events like school concerts. Their non-slip surface eliminates tripping hazards, offering a safe covering solution that does not require taping.

Maintenance: While carpet tiles are easy to store and transport on platform trucks and their easy-to-clean nature and durability make them a valuable investment for facilities prioritizing aesthetics and functionality.

Court Armor Gym Floor Rolls:

Ease of Use:  Court Armor gym flooring rolls are celebrated for their simple deployment and storage solutions. With options available in 6′ and 8′ widths, these rolls offer the ability to be more precise in the square footage purchased, thus saving costs, and both the 6’ and 8’ carpet rolls can easily by stored on the same storage racking system.

With practicality and efficiency, the Court Armor rolls allow for a swift setup and breakdown. Taping is required and the Velcro tape is reusable for 50+ installations, making it cost effective.

Durability: Crafted to resist tears and designed for easy cleaning, these rolls are built to last. The Court Max 8′ width rolls, in particular, provide a quicker deployment and a more seamless finish, thanks to fewer seams required to cover the same area.

Storage Efficiency: Designed to fit through standard doorways, the storage racks for these rolls add a layer of convenience for facility managers, ensuring easy movement and storage.

Vinyl Gym Floor Roll Systems:

Versatile and Durable: Vinyl roll systems, available in 10’ wide sections, can be custom cut to fit any gym size. These rolls are waterproof, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and resistant to rot, mildew, and fire, ensuring a safe and long-lasting covering solution.

Installation does have a consideration with seaming tape which will require time for installation, having a supply of tape on hand for installation and somewhat of a residue which is left on the vinyl, which over time may attract dirt and debris.

Aesthetic Options: With a variety of colors and weights available, vinyl rolls can be selected to match school colors or the specific aesthetic of a facility. Premium fabrics with raised textures offer enhanced slip resistance and are available in multiple colors and weights for added customization.

Courtside Runners:

For targeted protection, courtside runners are an excellent addition to any gym floor covering solution. These runners are especially useful for protecting side aisles and gym entrances against heavy foot traffic.

Easy to deploy and store, courtside runners complement larger floor covering systems by safeguarding high-traffic areas, thereby extending the overall protection of your gymnasium’s flooring.

heavy duty gym floor cover auburn university commencement

 6. How does deployment and take-up vary depending on the gym floor covering type?

The efficiency of deploying and removing gym floor covers has become a crucial factor for athletic facilities, directly impacting their ability to quickly transition between different types of events.

Recent advancements in gym floor cover technology have significantly reduced the time and labor required for these processes. The latest floor covers can be deployed and taken up in 30 minutes, while others may take longer if they need taping.

For example, the latest innovations in roll-out Court Armor carpet topcloth floor covers have been reported to enable a complete setup or take-down in as little as 30 minutes for a standard-sized gymnasium, according to a study by the Sports and Fitness Industry Association (SFIA).

This is a substantial improvement over older models or other types of covers that require more taping, which can extend the process to several hours.

The difference in deployment time can be attributed to the design of the covers themselves; roll-out models often come equipped with mobile storage racks that streamline the unrolling and retrieval process, eliminating the need for time-consuming taping.

A case study featured in the Facility Management Journal highlighted a high school that switched to these advanced roll-out covers, noting not only a reduction in setup and takedown time by over 50% but also a decrease in the need for additional labor, thereby cutting down on operational costs.

This efficiency allows facilities to more readily accommodate a diverse range of activities, from athletic competitions to social events, enhancing their usability and community value.

The evolution in gym floor cover technology underscores a commitment to providing practical, time-saving solutions for facility managers, ensuring that athletic venues can maintain a high level of functionality and aesthetic appeal with minimal downtime.

 7. How do the costs vary between the types of gym floor covers?

The economical use of gym floor covers is a critical consideration for athletic directors, facility managers, and school administrators aiming to optimize their investments while maintaining high-quality standards for their sports and event spaces.

The cost of gym floor covers varies widely based on the type, from vinyl rolls to carpet rolls and gym floor tiles, each catering to different budgetary and functional needs.

Vinyl, often the most cost-effective option, offers durability and ease of maintenance, making it an ideal choice for schools and facilities looking for a balance between cost and performance.

A comprehensive analysis by the Educational Facilities Managers Association (EFMA) indicated that facilities opting for vinyl covers could expect an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years, providing significant long-term savings by extending the life of the gym floor and reducing the frequency of expensive refurbishments.

Gym carpet roll covers, while generally more expensive upfront, bring added value through enhanced aesthetics and acoustic benefits, which can be particularly appealing for multipurpose venues hosting a variety of events.

A case study published in the Facility Management Quarterly (FMQ) reported a facility that experienced a 25% increase in event bookings after upgrading to high-quality carpet gym floor covers, illustrating how the initial investment can be offset by increased revenue opportunities.

Gym tiles, though higher in initial cost, offer unparalleled flexibility and are particularly suited for quick, temporary setups.

The Sports Facility Advisory (SFA) highlighted a community center that achieved a 30% reduction in labor costs for event setups and breakdowns after switching to heavy duty gym floor tile covers, underscoring the economic benefits of choosing the right type of gym floor cover for specific needs and usage patterns.

Selecting the appropriate gym floor cover not only protects the facility’s flooring investment but also aligns with budgetary constraints and operational efficiency, demonstrating the importance of a strategic approach to facility management and maintenance.

8. How are Gym Floor Covers Maintained?

The ease of maintenance associated with various types of gym floor covers has become a significant factor for athletic facilities, directly contributing to lower labor costs and operational efficiencies.

Gym floor covers, designed for durability and ease of cleaning, have been shown to dramatically reduce the time and resources required for upkeep.

According to a report from the International Association of Sports and Leisure Facilities (IASLF), facilities utilizing high-quality gym floor covers can expect a reduction in maintenance labor costs by up to 70% compared to unprotected floors.

This is largely due to the protective nature of these covers, which prevent dust, dirt, and spills from directly contacting the gym floor, thereby minimizing the need for frequent deep cleaning and refinishing.

Vinyl covers have been praised for their ease of cleaning, with many facilities reporting that a simple sweep or mop is sufficient to keep the covers in excellent condition.

A study conducted by the Facility Operations Network (FON) highlighted a case where a community center, after adopting roll-out vinyl gym floor covers, saw a 50% decrease in the weekly hours allocated to floor maintenance.

Similarly, gym carpet covers, both rolls and gym tiles, while offering a different set of benefits such as noise reduction and improved aesthetics for events, have also been noted for their low maintenance needs.

The Modular Flooring Association (MFA) documented a school district that transitioned to carpet roll covers for its multipurpose spaces, resulting in a notable decrease in annual maintenance costs due to the covers’ resilience and easy-to-clean properties.

These success stories underscore the importance of selecting gym floor covers not just for their protective qualities, but also for their ability to reduce ongoing maintenance demands, affirming their role as a cost-effective solution for facility management.

roll floor covers for gym new court armor 8 ft wide roll gym floor covering

9. How do you install a Gym Floor Cover?

Gym floor covers are vital for protecting athletic flooring from damage during non-sporting events, such as assemblies, dances, and ceremonies. These covers not only safeguard the floor but also enhance the appearance of the facility.

Understanding the installation process for different types of gym floor covers is key to maintaining your gym’s functionality and aesthetics.

This guide will walk you through the installation methods for vinyl roll covers, carpet topcloth floor covers, and heavy-duty gym floor tiles, as well as the convenience of using courtside runners.

Vinyl Roll Covers

Vinyl roll covers are popular for their durability and ease of maintenance.

  • To install these covers, begin by aligning one end of the roll at your starting point on the gym floor.
  • Unroll the cover across the floor, ensuring it lays flat and even.
  • Overlap subsequent rolls by about 6 to 12 inches to prevent gaps and ensure complete coverage.
  • Once all rolls are laid out, use vinyl tape to secure the overlaps and edges, especially if the cover will be in place for an extended period.

Removal is straightforward—simply reverse the process, rolling up each section tightly for storage. Keeping the rolls labeled and organized will streamline future installations.

Carpet Topcloth Floor Covers

Carpet topcloth floor covers offer a more elegant look and additional sound dampening, making them ideal for events like graduations or banquets. Installation is like that of vinyl roll covers.

  • Start on one side of the gym, unrolling the carpet gently to avoid wrinkles or folds.
  • Ensure each roll is tightly butted against the previous one, minimizing seams where possible.
  • For a more secure installation, you can use reusable velcro tape along the seams.

After the event, the covers should be vacuumed before rolling up to avoid trapping dirt, which could damage the gym floor or the cover itself.

Heavy Duty Gym Floor Tiles

Heavy-duty gym floor tiles are a robust option for high-traffic areas and provide excellent protection against heavy equipment or furniture.

  • Start by laying the first row of tiles along one edge of the gym, working your way across.
  • Interlock each tile with its neighbors, pressing down firmly to secure them in place.
  • Continue laying tiles in rows, ensuring they’re snug and aligned.

These tiles often have a straightforward locking mechanism that requires minimal tools and no adhesives, making installation and removal quick and efficient.

custom courtside runner gym floor cover custom color logo on a basketball court runner

Courtside Runners

Courtside runners are invaluable for protecting the side aisles and entrances of the gym. These runners are typically made from the same material as vinyl roll covers or carpet topcloths and can be easily rolled out and secured in place.

They’re perfect for directing foot traffic away from the more vulnerable areas of the gym floor and can be used in conjunction with other gym floor covers or independently for smaller events.

  • Installation is as simple as unrolling the runner to the desired length and positioning it in high-traffic areas.
  • After use, roll them up for compact storage.

The installation of gym floor covers, whether vinyl rolls, carpet topcloths, heavy-duty tiles, or courtside runners, is a straightforward process that significantly extends the life of your athletic flooring.

Each type of cover offers unique benefits and installation nuances but shares the common goal of floor protection.

Proper installation ensures that your gym remains a versatile space, capable of hosting a wide range of activities beyond sports, all while maintaining its pristine condition for years to come.

With these protective measures, your facility can continue to serve as a central hub for community spirit and athletic excellence.

10. Factors to consider when purchasing a gym floor cover.

When selecting a gym floor cover, a range of factors need to be considered to ensure that your investment offers the best protection for your gymnasium’s flooring, aligns with your facility’s needs, and provides the most value for your budget.

Below is an updated and comprehensive guide to gym floor covers, presented in chart form, to assist in making an informed decision.

Consideration Details Updated Information
Functionality Determine the types of events your gym will host. Different events may require specific types of covers. Carpet tiles are recommended for acoustic enhancement, suitable for concerts and lectures. Carpet roll covers are cost effective with all the benefits of the carpet topcloth. Vinyl covers are versatile for banquets, weddings, and exhibitions.
Durability & Traffic Consider the expected frequency of use and foot traffic. Court Armor Heavy Duty Gym Tiles- high durability for heavy foot traffic- high frequency use- 7-year warranty

Court Armor Carpet Roll Gym Floor Covering- Excellent durability- medium to high frequency use-4-year warranty.

Court Armor Vinyl-average durability- 22 oz.: Medium use, 7–12 events per year-12-year warranty

Aesthetics Many colors are available to match your organization or school colors. Custom printing can boost spirit or display advertisements. Current trends include custom designs that reflect school spirit, logos, and mascots, with advanced printing technologies offering vibrant and durable results.
Cost Considerations Pricing varies based on material weight, customization, and size. As of the latest data, basic vinyl covers range from $0.65 to $1.50 per square foot. Carpet tiles and premium options may cost significantly more, depending on customization.
Fire Retardancy Ensuring the gym floor cover meets fire safety standards is crucial. Look for covers that comply with NFPA 701, CA Fire Marshal, and UL 300 standards to ensure safety during events.
Ease of Installation and Storage Consider how easy the cover is to deploy, store, and maintain. Options with lightweight, easy to handle materials and storage solutions, such as mobile racks or automated rollers, simplify management and extend the cover’s lifespan.

This guide will give you the information needed to equip facility managers, athletic directors, and decision-makers with the necessary information to choose a gym floor cover that not only meets their functional requirements but also represents a wise financial investment.

Remember, the right gym floor cover not only protects your investment in your facility’s flooring but also enhances the usability of your space, allowing it to serve multiple purposes while maintaining its condition and appearance.

11. What are the Storage Solutions for Gym Floor Covers?

Gym floor covers are indispensable in protecting athletic flooring during non-sporting events. However, equally important is the selection of the right storage equipment to ensure these covers remain in prime condition and are easy to deploy and retrieve.

Check out the variety of storage equipment available for gym floor covers, focusing on their capacity, ease of use, operational requirements, transport and storage convenience, and maneuverability through standard doorways.

mobile storage rack for court armor gym floor roll covering

Mobile Storage Racks:

Capacity: Mobile storage racks vary in capacity, typically designed to hold between 6,000 to 10,000 square feet of gym floor covering. The capacity depends on the rack’s size and the weight/thickness of the covers.

Ease of Loading/Unloading: These racks often feature a roll-out design that simplifies the process of loading and unloading. Some models are equipped with cranks or motors to assist in winding the covers onto the cores, requiring minimal manual effort.

Operational Requirements: Generally, two people can efficiently operate a mobile storage rack, one guiding the roll and the other cranking or overseeing the motorized wind-up.

Transport and Storage: Equipped with casters, these racks are designed for easy transport and storage. The compact design ensures they occupy minimal space when not in use.

Maneuverability: Designed to fit through standard 36″ doors, these racks offer excellent maneuverability, allowing easy movement from storage areas to the gymnasium.

heavy duty gym floor tile storage cart

Carts and Dollies:

Capacity: Carts and dollies are designed for transporting individual rolls or smaller sets of gym floor covers. They are ideal for quick, short distance moves.

Ease of Loading/Unloading: These units allow for straightforward loading and unloading, often at ground level, making the process manageable with minimal lifting.

Operational Requirements: Most carts and dollies can be efficiently operated by a single individual, making them convenient for quick setups or take-downs.

Transport and Storage: Their lightweight and compact design make these solutions highly transportable and easy to store, even in cramped spaces.

Maneuverability: Carts and dollies are designed to easily navigate through standard doorways and corridors, offering high maneuverability.

courtside runner sidearmor cart for storage and transport

Choosing the right storage solution for gym floor covers is crucial in maintaining the longevity and ease of use of these protective investments.

Your gym floor specialist will guide you to the correct storage for your specific gym floor covering. They will vary from storage for mobile storage racks for their versatility and capacity, carts for gym tiles for simplicity and maneuverability, or Courtside Runner carts for the ultimate in convenience and efficiency, there’s a storage solution to meet every facility’s needs and gym floor covering style.

Ensuring the equipment fits through standard doorways and is manageable by the designated number of operators is key to a smooth, efficient process for protecting your gym floor.

12. How do I accurately measure for a Gym Floor Cover purchase?

 Accurately measuring your gymnasium before purchasing a gym floor cover is a crucial step in ensuring the protection and longevity of your athletic flooring. The process begins with a detailed measurement of the total length and width of the area that requires covering.

Having the total length x width for rolls, and the square footage (length multiplied by width) will quickly allow you to quote your gym floor cover.

Once you have narrowed down your choice, speaking with our company representative at Enhance Mats will help you determine any key factors you might need to consider.

Key Notes:

Vinyl Gym Floor Covers: Allow 3-5 inches per roll per width for an overlap between each roll. This overlap is essential for achieving complete coverage of the gym floor and simplifies the installation process by ensuring no gaps are left exposed.

Adjusting Lengths: Additionally, it’s advisable to add a little extra to the length measurement of the area to be covered. This extra length accounts for the need to ensure full coverage and ease the installation process, particularly at the ends of the gym where additional material may be required to adjust for any irregularities in gym dimensions or to wrap around equipment or fixed structures.

Avoid Wall to Wall installations: It’s important to note that extending the gym floor cover all the way to the walls is not recommended. Doing so can significantly complicate the installation and removal process.

In scenarios where 100% floor coverage is necessary, particularly for events that may require the entire floor area to be protected, utilizing additional Courtside Runners along the width of the floor can provide the desired coverage without the installation difficulties associated with wall-to-wall coverage.

Runners are cost effective, multi-purpose, easy to deploy, take-up and store.

For facilities seeking more comprehensive guidance on measuring their gymnasium for a floor cover, numerous resources are available, including instructional videos. See the Enhance Mats YouTube channel for step-by-step instruction on all of our gym floor cover protection.

One such resource provides a step-by-step overview of the measurement process, offering practical tips and visual demonstrations to assist facility managers, athletic directors, and maintenance staff in preparing for a gym floor cover purchase.

These resources are invaluable for ensuring accurate measurements and can help in selecting the correct size and quantity of floor cover rolls, thereby protecting your investment and extending the life of your gymnasium flooring.

13. Should I invest in a new or used gym floor cover or simply rent?

Deciding on the best gym floor cover for your facility involves weighing the benefits and drawbacks of new, used, or rented options. Each choice comes with its own set of considerations in terms of cost, customization, and longevity.

New Gym Floor Covers: Opting for a new gym floor cover allows for a high degree of customization to fit the specific dimensions and aesthetic preferences of your facility.

Modern gym floor covers are designed with advanced materials that offer enhanced durability, slip resistance, and ease of maintenance.

These covers can also be tailored to reflect your school’s or team’s branding, including logos and colors, thereby enhancing the spirit and appearance of your gymnasium.

While the initial investment is higher, the long-term benefits include a longer lifespan and better protection for your flooring, potentially saving money on maintenance and repairs.

Used Gym Floor Covers: Purchasing a used gym floor cover can be a cost-effective alternative if budget constraints are a significant concern. This option might come with some wear and tear, which could limit the cover’s effectiveness and aesthetic appeal.

However, it’s important to inspect the condition of a used cover closely to ensure it still offers adequate protection. The life expectancy of a used cover may be shorter, requiring earlier replacement.

Rented Gym Floor Covers: Renting a gym floor cover provides flexibility for facilities that need floor protection for specific events rather than continuous use.

While renting avoids the upfront cost of purchasing a cover, repeated rentals can accumulate costs over time, making it a less economical option in the long term for facilities with frequent needs.

Renting also means you have less control over the customization and condition of the cover you receive.

Before planning, it’s crucial to explore the different materials, thicknesses, and features available in gym floor covers. For example, some covers are designed for heavy traffic and feature reinforced coatings for added durability, while others may offer quick deployment and storage solutions ideal for multi-use facilities.

Understanding the specific needs of your gymnasium and evaluating how frequently the cover will be used can guide you to the most appropriate and cost-effective choice for your situation.

Additionally, consider the long-term impact on your facility’s operations and aesthetics when choosing between new, used, and rented gym floor covers.

Comprehensive guide to gym floor covers uga commencement gym floor covers

14. Is a Gymnasium Floor Cover Right for You?

Investing in gym floor covers, including options like vinyl rolls, carpet rolls, or gym tiles, is a wise decision for any athletic facility. These covers not only shield your gym floor from potential damage but also significantly reduce the need for maintenance.

The right gym floor cover can improve safety measures and transform your space into a versatile venue suitable for a myriad of events, from elegant weddings to dynamic concerts.

The installation and removal process of these covers is designed for ease, and their upkeep is remarkably straightforward. Additionally, gym floor covers are complemented by a range of accessories that simplify storage, installation, and maintenance, ensuring they remain in top condition.

If you’re considering enhancing your facility with a gym floor cover, reach out to the seasoned professionals at Enhance Mats. With over 15 years of dedicated experience in the industry, we specialize in providing superior protective solutions for athletic facilities nationwide.

Our commitment to quality materials, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service positions us as a trusted partner for schools, churches, recreational centers, professional teams, coaches, athletic directors, and facility managers alike.

At Enhance Mats, we’re eager to assist you in selecting the ideal gym floor cover to meet your specific requirements, ensuring your athletic space is not only protected but also visually appealing. Contact us today to explore how we can support your goals and help you make the most of your athletic facility.

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