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Gym Floor Cover Protection: We manufacture all of our products in the USA

Enhance Mats is very thankful for our team of dedicated workers who diligently continue to produce our products here in the United States.

This allows our products to protect your gymnasiums to ship quickly and efficiently from our warehouses.

We meet the needs of high schools, colleges, churches and commercial businesses, as we develop and produce specialty flooring protection and branding.

  • Gym floor covers have come a long way from the inferior imported lightweight vinyl covers.
  • Imported vinyl covers were inexpensive to purchase as they were the only answer to gym floor protection available, but buyers quickly found that these cheap covers did not last. If they did last, they were a mess of tears, wrinkles and tape residue.
  • Most  vinyl gym floor covers had to be replaced often and the overall cost added up.
  • Vinyl covers also required seaming tape, a “one time use” item that was pulled up and tossed out after each use, adding to the cost and to our landfill.
  • Any facility manager can tell you about the tape residue that was left,….. how it was impossible to remove and how it was a magnet for dirt and debris.
  • Fast forward to today……and check out the new gym floor covers from Enhance Mat’s Court Armor protection!

The revolutionary Court Armor gym floor covers were developed by experts in the US to meet the needs of high schools, colleges, churches and commercial spaces.

Our floor covers are proudly manufactured in the US where we can supply the highest level of quality, customer service and fast delivery times.

Choose from the Court Armor RollCourt Armor Tile,  the super heavy duty Enhance Pro Tile and New Side Armor Courtside Gym Runners.





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