Basketball Courtside Runners: Voted #1-“Excellence in Innovation Award”

courtside gym runner with custom logo protects floor from team chairs

A GAME-CHANGER: Voted on by College and High School Athletic Departments and Teams: Court Armor Basketball Courtside Runners are the most durable court runners.


3 BENEFITS IN ONE DURABLE PRODUCT: Check out the benefits of Side Armor, the latest addition to the Facility Armor line of quality gym floor covers.

  1. Protect your Basketball Players from Injury
  2. Protect your Gym Floors from Damage
  3. Brand your School with your logo front and center, in durable and brilliant unlimited graphic colors.



Our  Gym Floor Tiles  and Basketball Courtside Runners were awarded the 2017 Bronze Award for “Excellence in Innovation”, awarded by Athletic Management to honor products that are ‘Game-Changers For and Voted On’ by College and High School Athletic Departments and Teams.

Basketball courtside runner with custom logo

Our Basketball Courtside Runners are carpet runners for gym floors providing uncompromising gym floor protection: A moisture wicking, slip resistant barrier that protects your gym floor from high traffic damage.

Protect your Players from injury and your Gym Floors from damage.

The revolutionary Court Armor Basketball Courtside Runners are uncompromising protection for both your Players and your Gym Floor, with the added advantage of featuring your school logo ‘front and center’, in durable and brilliant unlimited graphic colors. Unlike the vinyl gym floor covers and runners of the past, our Basketball Courtside Runners are 100% recycled  top cloth that absorbs moisture and spills, and provides a slip resistant barrier that protects your gym floor from players’ chair and high traffic damage. Virtually stain proof, the top cloth absorbs sweat, limits dust and provides better safety and traction for your players’ shoes.

 Basketball Courtside Runners were specifically developed to provide the perfect weight for carpet runners for gym floors. In years past any gym floor protection carpet that was used to make gym floor runners was either too heavy to easily store or transport, or dangerously light creating a safety factor. Court Armor Basketball Courtside Runners were methodically developed to be a moisture wicking, stain resistant and  slip-resistant barrier with the added advantage of built-in anti-microbial protection and a carpet top cloth that can be printed with brilliant color logos.



Whether you’re an athletic director or a sports coach, you know that having the right equipment for your athletes is crucial. However, what you may not realize is that the type of floor protection your athlete’s use can make a big difference in their performance. That’s why we recommend basketball courtside runners for any gymnasium floor. Here are just a few of the benefits they can provide.

Gym floor runners can help protect your floors from damage

Gym floor runners provide an excellent defense against wear and tear on the floor of your sports facility. Courtside runners help preserve the finish of your court by reducing the skidding or sliding of shoes, incidents from equipment or furniture, and other things that can cause scratches and/or discoloration. Made from a durable  material, these  runners improve traction and also absorb shocks, amplifying durability even more. They come in all lengths to fit any type of court in any type of gym. By using gym floor runners, you can be sure that your floors will remain safe for many years to come.

They can also help keep your gym clean by trapping dirt and dust

Courtside runners can be incredibly helpful for more than just the look of a gym. They are designed to offer slip resistance and cushioning, helping ensure athletes stay safe while practicing drills and playing games. In addition, they can also help keep a gym clean. Made with nylon carpet fabric, courtside runners are tough enough to trap dirt and dust, saving maintenance staff from extra cleaning duties. As a bonus, the bright colors available in these runner mats make them an attractive addition to any gym that wants to add some style as well as function.

They can also help reduce noise levels in your gym

COURTSIDE RUNNERS are a great way to help reduce noise levels in your gym. Not only do they provide mats and floor protection, they also offer soundproofing benefits.  COURTSIDE RUNNERS also help to absorb any hard resonating sounds, so that everyone can enjoy their workout or game in comfort.



Gym floor runners are a great way to protect your floors and reduce noise levels.  Check out our ‘Excellence in Innovation’ Basketball Courtside Runners today!

Available in 4 ft. widths 

Custom lengths up to 50 ft.

Custom Logos can be applied to one or both ends

Unlimited graphics and PMS colors



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