12 of the Best Accessories for Gym Floor Covers: The Best Accessories To Save Time and Labor

gym floor cover 8 ft wide roll storage rack

Gym floors need to be covered for a variety of reasons: to protect the floor, to reduce noise, and to create a safe playing surface.

Your gym floor has been an expensive investment and selecting the right gym floor covering, taking into account proper storage and ease of deployment and take up, is a detailed decision.

There are many different types of covers available on the market today. But what are the best gym floor covers and what are the best accessories available to deploy, take up and store your gym floor cover?

Which ones will work best for your facility’s needs? Check out the top gym floor covers and the best gym floor cover accessories, to help you make your best decision.


Gym Floor Cover for Special Events

The types of special events as well as the number of events throughout the year along with your budget will be the three key considerations in choosing the right gym floor cover protection for your needs.

Gym floor covers come in various weights and can be roll or tile with storage racks or platform trucks in various sizes.

Once you have researched the features and benefits of the gym floor covers, request samples and additional information to see the products for comparison.

During Sporting Events 

Over the years, gym floor coatings have become more durable. Standard protection should include large entrance mats at the gym entrances to capture dirt, dust and moisture and standard maintenance should include regular gym floor dust mopping.

If chairs and tables are used during sporting activities, consider gym floor runners (courtside runners) set under the tables and chairs to prevent the scratching and gouging that can occur.

Gym Floor Covering and Protection

Gym floor coverings are essential for protecting your facility from common wear and tear as well as types of damage that come from use over time.

Gym floor Covers help protect the surface of your gym floor from damage when the gymnasium is used for activities other than sports.

These gym floor covers need to be deployed, taken up after the event and need to be properly and conveniently stored until their next use.

Accessories for gym floor covers are specially designed to meet the needs of the facility managers, athletic directors and coaches that use them.

Time, convenience and ease of use are all criteria that are taken into account when the accessories are developed.


Gym Floor Covers Options

When it comes to quality coverage options for your gym floor, you have a world of choices available to suit any budget!

Whether you’re looking for a robust, durable solution that can stand up to everyday use or something lightweight and easy to roll out when needed, there are quality accessories for gym floor covers available.

Options to protect your gym floor can be the original vinyl rolls that have been used for years, and the newer carpet topcloth rolls and tiles that are newer on the market.

Along with the various options for gym floor protection, the options for quality accessories for gym floor covers also need to be closely reviewed.

With the right floor cover options, your gym will be ready for action in no time!

Ultimate Guide to Gym Floor Covers. The Top 12 Gym Floor Cover Accessories

How do I store my Gym Floor Cover?

The top accessories for gym floor covers include most importantly the type of storage units available. It is important to purchase the proper storage system for your gym floor cover at the same time you purchase your gym floor cover.

Each manufacturer will provide information on the deployment and take up of your specific gym floor cover.

It is critical that staff be trained on the handling of your gym floor cover investment to be sure the product is installed properly and that take up is done correctly, so that the product stays in optimum shape during storage.

Key Notes: A poorly stored gym floor cover, regardless of the type, will lead to a limited product life span and a voided warranty.

If stored improperly, the cover can become rippled and will never lay flat. Not only will this not look good, but it will be a major

  1. 1.Court Armor Roll Racking System


    2. Court Armor Tile Storage Carts 


3. Court Armor Vinyl Storage Carts


4. Court Armor Power Winder


5. Court Armor Gym Floor Storage Rack Cover


6. Court Armor Roll Hook Tape


7. Court Armor Winding Wand



8. Court Armor Vinyl Tape


9. Court Armor Tape Dispenser


10. Gym Floor Covers and Courtside Runner: Vinyl Pressed Logos


11. Courtside Gym Runners


12. Courtside Runner-SideArmor Cart


Gym Floor Covers and Accessories

Gym floor covers and accessories are essential components of any gym facility.

By using a strong and protective gym floor covering, you ensure that your floors remain shielded from drops, scratches, spills, and other damages.

Enhance Mats has developed the top gym floor covers in the industry. Included with the best gym floor covers are the ultimate accessories for gym floor covers.

Enhance Mats continually improves the accessories and storage to make them the best in the industry. The ultimate accessories for gym floor covers make the deployment, take up and storage at its best.

Protecting your gym’s overall quality is crucial for providing ultimate health and fitness benefits.

To get the ultimate out of gym floor covers and accessories, it’s important to choose quality products from a trusted source.

Accessories for Gym Floor Covers

Gym floor covers are essential for any facility manager. They protect your gym floors from wear and tear, and they also reduce noise.

There are a variety of gym floor covers available on the market, so it’s important to choose one that meets your needs.

Value is not only determined by price, but by the quality, lifespan and protection value of the gym floor cover. Critically important to the value of a gym floor cover are the gym floor cover accessories.

Quality gym floor cover accessories can save valuable time and money and provide optimum protection to keep your gym floor looking great for years.

The best way to find a gym floor cover is to research online, comparing in detail the qualities of each gym floor cover, requesting actual physical samples to review, and reaching out to fellow facility managers, athletic directors and coaches to see what has worked best for them.

Once you’ve found the perfect gym floor cover, make sure to follow the instructions for installation carefully. Check out Enhance Mats, the leader in Gym Floor Protection.



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