A Gym Floor vs Stiletto Heels, the Ultimate Damage to Your Gym Floor

gym floor covers protect from damage from stiletto heels

 A 120 lb. woman in Stiletto (high) heels can and does more damage than a 6000 lb. Elephant or a Chevy Silverado Truck tearing around your gym floor when there’s not gym floor cover protection!


Gym Floor Expert: “If a woman loses the tip off the heel of her stiletto high heels, the damage will be multiplied tremendously, as her weight is concentrated on the tip of a nail head.”

The metal nail, that should be holding the rubber or plastic protective tip in place, becomes a weapon that will destroy your floor.

ULTIMATE DAMAGE SITUATION: Some of the worst damage to gym floor that we have seen as we travel the United States, a maple wood floor in a High School in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

The Story from our High School Coach, Sioux Falls, South Dakota      

During a special event where people attended in their finest attire, a woman with stiletto high heels walked the unprotected gym floor repeatedly.

Her high heel tips would have done plenty of damage tearing up the finish of the gym floor, but unfortunately, she was missing the protective tip off one heel.

The protruding nail dug into the floor causing ‘pockmarks’ from one end of the gym to the other.

Scratches were everywhere.

The gym floor finish has been severely damaged ‘tiny divots’ and the gym floor was a disaster!

One person had managed to horribly damage the gym floor which would cost thousands of dollars to repair!

Once the damage was discovered, plans were quickly put into play to research gym flooring rolls or gym floor tiles and procure gym floor cover protection to prevent any further damage during special functions.

Enhance Mats did not need to emphasize the need for a protective gym floor cover!

The lesson had already been learned, and that lesson had come at a ‘dear’ price!

The school administrators realized that had they invested in a good cover and used it to protect the gym floor during special events, they would have saved themselves several times the cost of repairing the gym floor, as well as lots of aggravation and time!



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