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ATHLETICS: Infection and Odor Control

Puradigm is the first commercially available technology that can actively purify both the air and surfaces,
safely and effectively and is scalable to any environment.

The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly changed our lives. We are learning to cope and protect ourselves and other around us from this unseen danger.

White Paper Puradigm Coronavirus Effectiveness- Jan. 29, 2020

The athletic industry’s most effective protection for your athlete and staff. Simply plug it in and it works 24/7. No locker room, athletic facility, classroom or any occupied space should be without this simple and cost effective solution that works 24/7 to manage and eliminate viruses,  staph, MRSA, bacteria, fungus (Athlete’s Foot), viruses, mold, mildew and most noticeable ODOR. Harmful pathogens cover every surface and float in the air, regardless of how good your cleaning protocol is. What is the cost of having any of your players or staff getting sick? We have the simple solution to give you peace of mind when you know you are providing the best protection in the industry.


One of the biggest issues in a locker room is the odor. Combine the smell of sweat, body oils, wet towels, the massive amount of equipment that players wear along with the hidden mold and mildew and you have a rancid smell that no sanitation program can eliminate. In the humid locker rooms, equipment storage rooms and training areas, the odor permeates the carpet, ceilings, the air, lockers and crevasses and seems impossible to eliminate.

Enhance Mats offers odor control solutions with the state of the art air and surface protection technology, proven to be the most effective solution to manage odors as well as harmful Staph, MRSA, bacteria,  Athlete’s foot, viruses, fungus, mold and mildew that are problematic in indoor athletic spaces. This is the ultimate in odor control products available.

Supplement your sanitation program with a proactive, cost effective, automated 24/7 system that will provide continuous air and surface sanitization for your athletes and staff’s health and safety. The PURADIGM technology has been rigorously tested at Kansas State University as well as real-world settings to ensure effectiveness, safety and serviceability.

In use at colleges, high schools, private schools, pro teams as well as hospitals across the country. Email us for references close to you.

Scalable protection for single rooms and full facilities
Q&A Fact Sheet 

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Features and Benefits:

Eliminates dangerous microbes on surfaces
Management of mold and mildew
Reduce allergens
Quick and continuous odor reduction

Manages odors on all surfaces and in the air
Odor reduction with sports equipment
Reduce airborne particulates & VOC’s
Improved air quality
Automated 24/7 system that continually sanitizes
Reduce cross-contamination amongst athletes & staff
Reduce player and employee illnesses & absenteeism
Improved productivity with athletes and staff
Cost effective
Reduce usage of chemical cleaners
Easy to install
Fast delivery

Areas of Use:

  • Locker Rooms, Equipment Storage Rooms, Training Rooms, Weight Rooms, Taping Areas, Sports Medicine Areas, Hydro-therapy areas, Wrestling areas, Gymnasiums, Coaches offices, Recreation  areas, Bathrooms

(Also for dorms, classrooms, food services, healthcare, commercial buildings, hotels, homes, food safety, hospitality, entertainment, nursing homes, daycares, military: any facilities that requires odor control, mold and mildew remediation and improved air quality)

How to Order: Puradigm’s system can be scaled for any size facility.

Regular units cover up to 2000 sq. ft. Coverage areas depend on several variables including the size of area to be sanitized, ceiling heights, player capacity, air flow, humidity, amount of equipment and room setup. Enhance Mats will work with your floor plan to determine the best units for your application. Call today for more information 877-318- 8625.

Available Units:

Free Standing, Wall Mount, Cooler/Ice Machines, HVAC Units
Puradigm Flow 100
Puradigm Flow 40
Puradigm Flow 20
Puradigm PRO
Puradigm Zone
Puradigm Cool
Puradigm Air HVAC 5”
Puradigm Air HVAC 9”
Puradigm Air HVAC 15”
Puradigm 3000

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