No locker room ,  athletic facility or classroom, should be without this technology.

Infection and Odor Control

PROBLEM: Bacteria, germs, staph problems, the MRSA virus, Athlete’s foot, odor, mold and mildew are just a few of the unseen culprits that can keep an athletic program from functioning at its peak. Lost time due to infections, sickness and allergies result in lost practice and playing time for the athletes and also lost work time for staff.  No cleaning protocol can eliminate the pathogens which multiply again immediately after cleaning, on surfaces and in the air. Supplement your sanitation program with a proactive, cost effective, automated 24/7 system that will provide continuous air and surface sanitization for your athletes and staff’s health and safety.

The PURADIGM technology has been rigorously tested at Kansas State University as well as real-world settings to ensure effectiveness, safety and serviceability.

In use at colleges, high schools, private schools, pro teams as well as hospitals across the country. Email us for references close to you.


Staph, MRSA, virus, bacteria, germs, fungus (Athlete’s Foot): The technology reduces microbes and pathogens on surfaces and in the air, 24/7

Odor and VOC’s; The advanced oxidation is able to break down and eliminate odors.

Mold and Mildew: The technology is very effective in managing mold and mildew. Effective in eliminating airborne and surface residing spores throughout the facility including in those hard to reach areas.

Q&A Fact Sheet 


    Eliminates dangerous microbes on surfaces and in the air

    Reduce athletes, students and employees illnesses and absenteeism

    Reduce airborne particulates and VOC’s

    Reduces cross-contamination amongst athletes and staff

    Management of odors, mold, mildew and other pathogens

    Automated 24/7 system that continually sanitizes

    Cost effective sanitation and protection

    USE IN:

    All athletic and school facilities:

    Locker Rooms, Equipment Rooms, Weight Rooms, Training Rooms, Sports Medicine, Taping Areas, Treatment Areas, Rehabilitation Areas, Hydrotherapy Areas, Wrestling Mats, Shower Areas, Storage Areas, Dorms, Food Services, Gymnasiums

Larger Facilities: Systems can be scaled for any size facility. with larger units and HVAC units. Coverage areas depend on several variables including the size of area to be sanitized, ceiling heights, player capacity, air flow, humidity, amount of equipment and room setup. Enhance Mats will work with your floor plan to determine the best units for your application. Installation is simply and can be handled be onsite facility staff.


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