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Hygiene Awareness Matting- 19" x 21"

Our Stay Healthy matting brings awareness to and reinforces the importance of key actions that we can practice to help decrease the spread of germs and  provide a safer and healthier facility.

Box of 6:  $ 65.00 includes shipping

  • Anti-Microbial Protection
  • Moisture Barrier Backing
  • 100 % recycled topcloth
  • Repositionable Adhesive Non-skid backing
  • 19″ x 21″
  • Uses: Restrooms, Urinals, Hand Dryers, Sanitize Stations
  • Available in boxes of 6
  • JS1921WYH Wash Your Hands. 19″x21″
  • JS1921STZ  Sanitize.  19″x21″

As we work through this pandemic, and as we look forward to returning to the quality-of-life that we love, we are aware that specific measures will need to be followed to continue to protect our families, coworkers, students, athletes and staff. Enhance Mats offers Clean Mats to assist in reinforcing the protocols that will help to keep everyone safe and healthy.

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