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BN-200 Sanitizer and Disinfectant- Kills Covid 19



Introducing BN-200, the effective, always-on full 360 COVID disinfectant air purifier.

Enough with wipe down solutions that are only good until the next person touches something! Keep your sports facilities, classrooms, offices and homes clean and safe constantly through the day.


A safe way to clean, remove and disinfect virtually all surfaces. For less than $1.50 a day, easily disinfect and sanitize your locker rooms, training rooms, showers, classrooms, sports facilities and all areas where germs, viruses, bacteria, mold and mildew grows.

BN-200 Humidifier Air Sanitizer + 6 month supply of disinfectant                          $ 315

BN-200  6 month supply of sanitizer powder   $ 210

Free shipping anywhere in the lower 49 states!

BN-200 mixed with water and dispersed in our Aerosol Mister disinfects an entire room *(up to 5,500 cu/ft)  with a 360 degree coverage, cleaning the critical areas that harbor germs and bacteria.   Disinfects every pathogen (including Covid 19, virus, bacteria, fungus, mold, etc.) that it has been tested against.

An Effective, Non-Toxic,  Biodegradable and PH Balanced

Applications in athletic and school facilities:

Locker Rooms, Equipment Rooms, Weight Rooms, Training Rooms, Sports Medicine, Taping Areas, Treatment Areas, Rehabilitation Areas, Hydrotherapy Areas, Wrestling Mats, Shower Areas, Storage Areas, Dorms, Food Services, Gymnasiums, sports equipment, showers, toilets,tabletops, seats, desks, counter tops, sinks,  school supplies, doorknobs, electronics and anywhere bacteria exists.

 In use at colleges, high schools, private schools, pro teams as well as hospitals, daycares and nurseries, churches, doggy day cares, public facilities,  public and private K-12 schools, retirement and nursing homes, and private homes across the country.

BN-200 Air & Surface Disinfectant/Purifier Brochure Download

BN 200 Air Surface Sanitizer Disinfectant Brochure

EPA Registration Download:

EPA Registration Download

To learn more, visit our supplier:   www.ndsbn200.com

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