What is the Best Way to Store Gym Floor Coverings?

gym floor cover storage rack for 8 ft rolls

Gym Floor Cover storage varies depending on the type of gym floor cover protection you select!

Your choices are vinyl, carpet rolls, tiles and courtside runners.

Check out a few tips for storing gym floor coverings, then you can see what storage is used for each gym floor cover type, and a brief review of each.

Why is it important to store gym floor coverings properly?

Simply, a gym floor cover is a big investment that is meant to last for years.

The lifespan of a cover can be greatly reduced if not properly stored.

Each manufacturer will provide the best practices for storing gym floor coverings for the cover you select.

Encourage your gymnasium maintenance team to help keep your cover looking great for  many years.

What are some common mistakes people make when storing gym floor coverings?

The most common mistake is not being sure the gym floor cover, whether vinyl, roll or tile is stored without wrinkles and folds.

Once any cover is wrinkled, it will never lay flat.

Other mistakes are not cleaning the cover first, and not having invested in the proper storage unit for that particular product so storage is correct.

How can you prevent damage to gym floor coverings during storage?

You’ll need to keep the gym floor cover from wrinkling or folding, as well as making sure nothing heavy is leaned against or on it.

The weight will cause lumps that won’t go away.

Always keep the stored gym floor cover in a dry, well ventilated area.

How should gym floor coverings be folded or rolled for optimal storage?

Never Fold!   Alway roll a gym floor cover roll on the correct storage rack offered by the distributor.

Tiles lay flat for storage on tile platform carts.

Vinyl is rolled, never folded, on the appropriate storage rack.

How often should gym floor coverings be cleaned before being stored?

Always provide light cleaning after each use, to be sure no moisture, dirt or debris is on the gym floor cover before storage.


The Effective Ways to Store Gym Floor Coverings.

Now we will  walk you through the storage for each, and give you feedback on ease of storage, ease of transport, cost and needed storage space.


Vinyl gym floor covers are the oldest type of gym floor cover on the market.

The racks are extremely large and somewhat difficult to maneuveur.

They are on the higher side of pricing and need a very large area for storage.

Also you’ll need to know where they are stored so they are not run into and cause injuries.


Roll gym floor covers are rolled up on storage racks. Racks vary per manufacturer, but are usually smaller in size.

Most storage racks roll easily, and can be used to transport the rolls for storage.

The storage racks take up a good amount of space, are reasonable but needed, so you’ll need to check the dimensions per each manufacturer to be sure you have enough space.

One important note: The only rack that will roll through a standard 36″ door is the Facility Armor Court Armor Storage Rack.

This is critical in some schools and gyms that need to move the racks out of the gym for storage.



Gym floor tiles are stored on platform trucks, and usually hold approximately 150 tiles.

The trucks easily roll for transport.

Pricing is reasonable, and the product is a needed for proper storage.

The carts take up a minimum amount of space, and several may be needed to accomodate all of your gym floor tiles.



Enhance Mats provides a custom designed cart that holds two courtside runners and allows for easy transport.

The rolled gym runners sit on end, and are protected from damage.

Cost is moderate, but the cart is needed to keep the runners looking great for years.

The carts take up a small amount of space.


Note that the storage rack for the 6′ rolls can fit through a regular doorway.


As adequate storage is not often considered when gymnasiums are built, having the flexibility to move the gym floor cover to convenient storage areas or even to another building, is a huge plus. 

Facility Armor Court Armor Roll gym floor cover stores on a storage rack that rolls through a 36″ door, so it can be moved throughout the building with ease.


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A quick chat with our experts at Enhance Mats will help guide you as to the differences of all of the gym floor cover protection available as well as the best choice for your needs.

Choosing the best gym floor cover system with the best storage rack for your school or facility takes selecting the right company.

Check out our videos on the roll, tile, and courtside runner pages to see all of the key points you need to know to make the best decision.

Enhance Mats offers roll systems in both 6’ and 8’ widths, heavy duty tile systems, custom color tiles and courtside runners to protect your gym floor.

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